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    • Conscription over!   09/04/2015
      By Rory

      Dear Ninjas,

      It's been 1 year and 10 months since enlisted into the Singapore Army for conscription. During these 2 years, there has been many periods of time where I simply could not find any time to work on Nin Online. The game's development was certainly anything but slow for an independent game of this scale, but yet it was nothing compared to the first 6 months of development which was prior to me enlisting into the army.

      During these past months, the game has been largely ran by my co-creator, Seth. Who has done a great job in keeping the team organized, keeping the game going and programming the game alongside Abhi.

      A lot of improvements to the game's development has been going on in the background since about a month ago when my Army duties basically ended. But we haven't been posting too many updates. So what will happen now that I'm back full-time?

      • I will be dedicating all my time to creating content and managing the project.
      • Whack aka. Eddie (Co-founder of Nin Online) is back on the team and working on programming.
      • More Development logs, more Live streaming and more player interaction from me.
      • We'll be pushing out the next test ASAP, and thanks to our work over the past month or so, you will love this test. TRUST ME.

      I'm not going to spoil anything on the new features in the engine and the progress of content here. But stay-tuned for the coming development logs from me!

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