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      Finishing touches to player mail (text mail only)
      A few more internal tests and it should be ready for players.

      Improved Hair Dye Panel
      Added close button on window, sliders now display numerical values and allow for manual input as suggested by players.

      (Admin only) Improved Admin Map Report UI to add close button on window.



      Happy belated birthday @Bubbly
      Level 30 Bubble Jutsu - Soap Explosion Technique - Added

      GIF 12-6-2021 6-15-12 PM.gif

      Does a 5x5 AoE around the player, if it successfully hits at least one target, it creates a "chain reaction" summoning another bubble ahead of the player by 5 tiles, deals damage and knocks back enemies.

      Bandit Drops are now tradeable again

      Fixed 2 crashes to do with missing graphics & corrupted audio (Issue Tracker)
      Reminder that if you get crashes, just follow the instructions to get your issue resolved on our issue tracker. Submit your error log and it'll be fixed in a day or two. Just saying you keep crashing doesn't help us help you!

      Fixed advanced lighting shadows indoors

      Fixed Hide Hair property on items



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      Fixed two client crashes
      One to do with rendering name of player with their rank. Another to do with dead bodies packets from recent changes.

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      Reworked Cash Shop / Special Items Stash UI to use new UI with fixed and added functionality
      @JunPachihas been complaining about this for awhile because he can't redeem cash shop items unless we made this update. It can now be dragged around, if you have too many it scrolls, it's slightly clearer what has been claimed and what hasn't.


      Fixed Jutsu Functionality
      The funkiness with certain jutsu (eg. Explosive Kunai Technique) should be fixed now.

      (Hopefully) Fixed dailies not resetting for some people sometimes
      Changed Corp Messages color to be different from Team Messages
      Added new item graphics (not yet used as of posting this)
      Title Management window has a close button on the window now

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      (Major Combat Change) Chakra Charging & Regeneration Rework

      We've made some big changes to regenerating Health, Mana and Cooldowns that adds some new complexity to PvP and makes grinding/PvE more pro-active.

      Health Regeneration now takes place as long as Chakra is full
      Health Regeneration amount is halved per interval.
      Health Regeneration increase from Fortitude Stat is reduced substantially.
      Previously, Health Regeneration only happened after 30 seconds of not running, and outside of combat.
      Running/Walking no longer plays a part in Health Regeneration, it will regenerate as long as your chakra points is full.

      Casting Jutsu/Attacking no longer prevents Health Regeneration
      However, if you are attacked, you cannot regenerate briefly (5s).
      Sustained damage over time is made more relevant by this.

      Once your Chakra Bar is full, you can continue charging to reduce CDs
      Once your chakra is full, you can continue to charge, this will make your character glow white and while doing so, speed up cooldowns of your Jutsu. Every second of charging reduces your cooldown by an additional second, essentially doubling the speed of cooldowns in this mode. Making sure the enemy is unable to charge chakra for a long amount of time is more vital.

      Fixed crash to do with targeting.
      Fixed Big Scarabs still dropping candy although event has ended.
      Fixed a getting stuck issue with Sand Village early mission.
      Fixed discrepancy between charging speeds between characters/players
      Fixed missing shuriken sound.
      Fixed missing weapon hit sounds.
      Added new sound for CD charging.

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