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Nin Online is and has always been a Free-to-Play MMORPG with no Pay-2-Win mechanics.
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    • Dear Ninja,

      Starting 2 October 2021, accounts will no longer be able to change email addresses. This is an attempt to tighten control over the buying, selling & trading of accounts, as well as players getting "hacked" and having their accounts stolen from them.


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    • This patch note is a list of the updates I've pushed but couldn't post on the forums until now

      - Added the Medical Corps
      - Added the Hermit Corp
      - Added one new role to 12 Guardians
      - Added new titles Kage can assign to players

      - Added an option to buy 10 charms at a time

      - Locked Medical Corp Items to the Medical Corps
      - Added an NPC in every Hospital near the Medical Corp entrance's


      - Added an experimental change to Corps, each corp has a member cooldown of 3 days (This is subject to change)

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    • PatchnoteFeaturesHeader.png.cb804e75c3da7a4e81a4bcaf546ecd6d.png.1477a5ae2419bed77fe06f7c7eeba9de.png.8ecf07fa72a21a83d6e09d72bb856d68.png.88f02073bad789c5ab73c3dcb26f4b3e.png

      Functional TVs
      Currently testing it on live server, but should be available for players soon. You'll be able to showcase any YouTube video through a TV by copying the URL of the YouTube video in your Clipboard and then interacting with a TV.
      Before the barrage of people complaining about how there's so many issues with this and that and we're here working on TVs, let me explain. Kenock suggested it as a funny idea one day, I brought it up to Wolf mostly jokingly but said we had more important things to work on at the moment. So Wolf spent his off days working on it. There was no equivalent exchange between getting this or some bug fix because Wolf just really wanted to experiment and add this in his spare time. Also, this was one of the most complex features to add because it's unprecedented in any game using the technology we're using, so it's actually pretty crazy that he made it work.

      Added (Ctrl+v) Pasting Clipboard in Chatbox

      Fixed crash when trying to open browser for some (will display error instead)
      Fixed two separate potential rollback issues
      Creates mailbox (on database) for player when they login if they don't have one (to receive global mail)
      Fixed IP grabbing client side script causing MacOS build to be broken
      Fixed a memory leak when logging in through browser
      Fixed support for Latin characters
      (Admin Only) Fixed our Jutsu Editor Copy+Paste
      (Admin Only) Allow us to /fakelogin people multiple times

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