• Ueda

    Best PvP Clip Event   07/22/2019
    By Ueda

    Hello Ninjas!

    I am pleased to announce to you my next event. Again, it will be forum event. To win you must show PvP skills on video!

    How To Participate

    To participate you must post a video/clip of you fighting another player/players and if it is impressive enough, you could win some humble prizes!


    • First place will receive 10 event coupons!
    • Second place will receive 7 event coupons! 
    • Third place will receive 4 event coupons!

    Event coupons are prizes won by participating in/ winning events. They can be used to buy Stat Resets, Daily Resets, Special event-only cosmetics, and more!

    The winners will be announced on Saturday (7/27/19). Good luck to everyone who decides to participate! 

    More information & Submission HERE!

  • Ueda

    Ninja War   07/05/2019
    By Ueda

    Dear Ninja,


    War details
    The event portals will open in each Kage office at 1pm EST and the entire event will commence at 1:30pm EST. It may last anywhere between 2 - 3 hours. Kage of each village are expected to attend or to elect a Council Member or Jonin to lead the war effort for each village.

    Village Score Details
    Intel score is used to determine which village will draft first. It will go in the order of lowest intel, to highest intel village.
    Economy score is used to buy supply boxes for the ninja in each village, this contains healing items.
    Manpower score is used to add more ninja into the waiting area.

    As of 7/7/2019, When a village Kage changes, village score will be reset to default values of 10000 each. The village score will be an indicator of how well a village is doing under each Kage.

    RP Peace Agreements
    If there is peace between all 3 villages, the war event will become a different event.
    If 2 villages have a peace agreement, the two villages will have 2 commanders and will draft together. The winners will split the prizes equally.

    Fighting Ninja Details
    War Events will always take place in a War Zone, as such, bounty is at risk of being lost. Ninja who wish to attend also must make sure that their inventory is clear of the following items. (This list may increase in the future)

    1. Blood Pills
    2. Chakra Pills
    3. Toad Oils

    Some of these items will be available to be bought with economy score in by the commander of each village.

    Commander Details
    Drafting phase is when the commander picks the ninja who will fight in the war.
    The first thing that will happen is that the GM whom is hosting and narrating the war, will announce the requirements for the next battle. For example, "2 Genin and 1 Chunin below level 40". The commander will have 30 seconds to pick the ninja who fit the requirement into the battle by telling the GM who will fight. If there are not enough ninja to fulfill the draft for that round, they will fight with an incomplete draft, or in some cases just lose that round.

    Battle phase is when there are ninja battling on the field. Ninja who faint in combat during this phase are immediately teleported out of the waiting area, they are considered casualties. As this is a war zone, they will have battle injuries. You can bring them back into the waiting area by spending manpower score if you want still though.

    There will normally be a short intermission in the middle of entire event for everyone to take a break. (not very war like I know, but everyone needs to use the bathroom sometimes)

    The final winner of the war is the village who wins the highest amount of battles.


    • Commander/Kage may be part of the requirements for a battle in some cases.
    • Each battle requirements are randomly generated before each war event starts. 
    • Using scores is allowed at any time, however, adding people into the waiting area is not allowed right away when being asked to choose ninja to participate.
    • If a village runs out of ninja and is unable to continue battling, they are immediately disqualified, which means even if they have the highest wins, they will still lose.


  • Ueda

    Taking initiatives and designing your clan   06/25/2019
    By Ueda

    Dear Ninja,

    Since a few clans have started taking the initiative to send me designs of clan uniforms or costumes, I would just like to open up this to anyone who sees themselves as leading members of a clan, to come together, discuss and send me anything you can come up with.

    I cannot guarantee they will be taken, but depending on the quality of work given, some could even just be straight up used the way it is. I’ve seen some great pixel artists up and coming in the community. With people like @Indra contributing to the game almost fully usable artwork in his spare time.

    If you are interested in doing a complete spritesheet, and you want the Sprite base, you can request it from me personally but you have to show me your abilities and how serious you are to do it!


  • Ueda

    Character Resets Notice   05/29/2019
    By Ueda

    Dear Ninja,

    As of the latest update, resetting your character will also reset your bounty.
    Do take note!


  • Ueda

    Mist Village Announcement   05/19/2019
    By Ueda


    Dear Ninja,

    Soon™ is finally here as we prepare to launch the Hidden Mist Village as the third playable starting village for Nin Online. This will be a game changing moment as it will be the biggest update since the launch of beta in 2017 (which introduced Sand village and Missing Ninja) in terms of content being introduced at the same time. because Mist village will launch with plenty of new content!

    The Land of Water

    Welcome to the Land of Water, a region ruled over by the Water Daimyo. The creatures and enemies roaming this new land is unique to it's shores. Even if you are not a Mist ninja, soon your missions will take you to the Land of Water, so you'll soon explore it yourself!

    Along with the Mist Village, a smaller village will also be present on launch, a small settlement on the edge of the Land of Water which will be used for storyline missions as time goes on. The Land of Water is a country ravaged by war. Bloody, and bloody poor, not everyone can afford to live in the biggest village.

    The mapping done for the Land of Water, including the Hidden Mist Village itself, is in my view, the finest of all the game so far. With detailed forest maps, and more details fit into each screen than ever before. The village is expansive, and all in all, we're introducing almost 50 new maps at once (including interiors of course).

    New Organization: Hunter-nin

    Hunter-nin are a concept unique to the Hidden Mist Village. Replacing the concept of an ANBU, hunter-nin stalk and kill missing Mist ninja to protect the secrets of the Mist. When the Leaf and Sand ANBU get ANBU swords, Hunter-nin will get water whips.

    New Organization: Mist Military Police Force

    Basically the equivalent of LMPF and SMPF for the Mist. The MMPF will be available at launch. However, due to the lack of Chunin in the village, there will not be much use for the organization early on.

    New Sub-mastery: Soap Bubble Style

    Just as the Leaf village has Gentle Fist style and the Sand village has Fan Style, the Mist village will launch with a complete and unique sub-mastery as well!

    New Politics

    With the introduction of a third village, a lot will change in terms of politics. Leaders will be hard pressed not to maintain a good relationship with at least one other village. Being in war with two villages will be hard for a village, so alliances will actually begin to matter.

    The Mist village will be ran as a militaristic dictatorship, where power will be challenged by others every few months. It will be a survival of the fittest. A battle to the death will determine the leader. This is very different from the Leaf village which is a democracy, and the Sand village which is a monarchy. With this, the kind of player who seeks for battles as a way to consolidate power should gravitate towards the bloody mist.

    The advisers of the Mist village will consist of 1 member of each clan in which the Mist leader favors. So once the victory has been won, as a check on power, the leader of the Mist village will choose 3 clans, which will each elect a respected member of the clan to become an adviser to the Mizukage. If all 3 clan leaders decide to, they can call for a battle to find a new leader at any time, but it has to be a Unanimous decision.

    As with any good dictatorship, we've already chosen that the village will be ran by no other than Mizukage @Kenock, with myself and @Sezu as the advisers to the Mizukage. We will work (mainly Kenock) to maintain some semblance of order while the village is in it's growth period without any proper ranks.

    New Soundtracks
    Of course, with a new location as major as this, we will be introducing new music to bring out the gloom of the Hidden Mist Village and the Land of Water.

    And even more..!
    The Mist will launch with just one unique summon, and more after, initial clans will be ready...
    I'll be detailing the work done for the village in further details in a development log post launch.

    New Launch Date
    We're here at a point we can safely announce that the launch date will be..


    5th June 2019