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2 hours ago, Rumaki said:

Nobody abuses kills cuz u get nothing from it but bounty u can get ryo or complete mission, or just to be at the top of bounty book

Naaah, some people kill their friends for Waging war ( Cold blooded Killer ) and for bounty mission. So even if they dont want to abuse the kills, they do it anyway.

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19 minutes ago, Lumy said:

I mean... you won’t get 2k kills by abusing... impossible unless you’re that much of a try hard

If there will be a reward for that ppl for sure will do it

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Having seasons that reset bounty and amount of kills for the top list would work. Could be hard to maintain kills separate from the overall kill amount. 

Taking this to consideration would make "faking" bounty or kills a lot more painful because you would have to be consistent with killing alts each season to maintain your rank. Doesn't really solve all of the issues. :shrug:

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On 5/9/2019 at 4:32 PM, Pachi said:

I mean when ur level 50 doing cbk and WW useless with the rewards they give...most my kills from hunting solo 

I can vouch; I've hunted with him before and there are times where I've seen this man tank 3+

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