• Cash Shop FAQ

    This is a general FAQ for common questions asked about the Cash Shop.



    How do I claim Cash Shop items?

    You can read this guide. They are placed inside your Special Items.



    Do Cash Shop Items give an advantage?

    None whatsoever. Items in our game do not give stats except weapons and these are not sold in the Cash Shop and never will. We also sell Experience Boost items, but these items apply to all players online. Those players who are most active can take the rewards of our supporters. The same goes for our supporters, all of our items that give any sort of bonus are community bonus rather than the individual player bonus. We believe it gives the best of both worlds.



    Can you trade Cash Shop items?

    You will never be able to and can't now. We strongly believe that Cash Shop will cause players to farm the game currency creating an economy that is overburden and not enough ways to spend will cause the currency worthless over time. The real world economy works differently and is backed by a different style economy than our game economy is. It is much easier to keep that balanced than to promote trading fake vs. real currency.



    What happens when we wipe?

    The items you purchased will be restored and put back in your Special Items. You must reclaim them, although no refunds will be given for the items you purchased. You just will be able to claim them again when your character is wiped. This includes consumable items such as Experience Boosts. You will however, not be refunded consumable items if you wipe your character yourself. You are only given refunds for consumable items when we wipe the server for everyone. You will, however, be able to reclaim any cosmetic item in any scenario.



    Do you offer Refunds?

    Yes, you may refund any purchase within 24 hours to get your money back, but you can also exchange any item for another of the same value or get Account Credit as long as you don't exploit the system. This has a 24 hour time limit, you may only exchange items you purchased for other items up to 24 hours after purchase. For more information go here.



    What if I want a Refund and don't qualify?

    We won't refund you.



    How come you don't sell Mastery Reset?

    We are against changing your class in a game, the Mastery you select is your class in this game. A class is essentially what defines your character's combat style to speak. A Wind user shouldn't just be able to spend money to reset what they learned. If you spend your entire life learning a style of Jutsu, you aren't going to easily change over to a new one and which is why we force you to make a new character instead. Your decisions matter in this game, think carefully about every decision you make.


    If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us and we will add the question to the FAQ.