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    Ngl I missed you
  4. Kanpeki

    Earth Wall

    For a lvl 35 jutsu I feel like Earth Wall is not impactful enough. While it was instant cast you could at least instantly cast it when you got hit by Water Prison/Earth Prison and defend from some damage or use it to cancel casts. It's supposed to be the ultimate jutsu of Earth mastery since it is lvl 35 (every mastery has a really powerful last jutsu), but it does not feel like it. Using it defensively became harder since it has a cast time so when people catch you in Water Prison/Earth Prison you don't really have enough time to cast and defend from damage. Biggest issue I have with this jutsu is that even when it was instant it was never a proper defensive jutsu since a lot of jutsu can still hit you through the wall and melees can hit you on the diagonals. If the jutsu is going to be cast time it should be at least made powerful enough for the cast time to make sense since even the instant version of the jutsu was nothing special. My idea for it is that Earth Wall works like a Sub that doesn't teleport. You cast for 1 second and get Earth Wall buff. When hit by a jutsu you negate it, get selfstunned for a short amount and summon the walls around you. (Might be too strong for Water/Earth since it would have 3 subs but I feel like the cast time+self stun would make it not as effective as regular Sub.) Since the instant version of the jutsu was mostly used for cheese cancels and wasn't that great of a defense I think that the focus of the jutsu now that it is cast time should be to make it the ultimate defensive move. Right now I would argue that Substitution type jutsu serve a better job at avoiding damage than Earth Wall does except Subs can also be used offensively due to teleporting to enemy.
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  6. Seems like food dont pop regen why? i have no idea, few days ago its work fine. FoodBug.mp4
  7. Penguin

    Leaf Cloak Mission Bug

    If u start the Mission its already on 1/3 people found, so if u find Miki & Kimi or Miki & Oku u can finish it without finding all 3 people.
  8. Please fix the Eye Wrapping Bandages from Cash Shop. The model shown in the Cash Shop covers the character whole head, but in game the hair covers the bandage. Here's some images taken from Cash Shop where the Bandages covers the hair & head: And in game it looks like this: The hair overlays the Eye wrap. I recommend to make it a headwear instead of mask slot , maybe that will fix the issue? Hope it gets fixed. Thanks in advance!
  9. Thanks for the fast responses! I'll try downgrading my drivers first, if that doesn't work, I'll take you up on that offer Vipe. thanks again everyone. installing old drivers fixed my issue, thanks again for the help.
  10. Wassup, hope you're doing ight homie Besides of what Vipe said, you can tweak around these versions Hope your problem gets fixed with this
  11. There is 2 things you can do: 1. You downgrade your GPU drivers and play around with different versions 2. (This solved it for me) You use someone elses Mapcache and replace your own one with that in Nin's Data Folder. I dont know if im allowed to post Links of it but DM me on Discord if you want to try that out Vipe#1752
  12. I was playing current character just fine, went to a bunch of different maps, everything was good. went to current map character is now stuck, wont load in and crashes. I'll get audio to come through ( ie bell noise). Tried playing another character, any time i change maps, game automatically crashes with no errors or bug problems, just closes itself. I've tried reinstalling the game and have tried current support helps and nothing has fixed it. Anyone have any idea on how to fix this?
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  14. sounds like a skill issue

    1. kooks


      the real skill issue is u standing in the same spot for 2 hrs and logging off when i wanna get u to lvl 10 

  15. hola quiero empezar a jugar y ya tengo la cuenta registrada pero cuando hago clik en login me salta al navegador y no me deja empezar el juego. Que puedo hacer?


  16. Genshin


    Can you please fix this problem with the cigarette? the item moved from place in the previous month. As seen in the image, the smoke from the item is behind the hair.
  17. Luhan

    Few Bugs / Exploits

    3 Bugs / Possible Exploits: 1) There seems to be an error in calculation when selling Blood Vile's (did this at Shop above Demon Claw boss): 2) A tile on River map can be exploited to charge chakra on water: 3) Toad Arc, (Resolving an argument) - Players in groups can flicker to one another to solve the puzzle, (even flicker on death zones) - Make the map a no jutsu zone.
  18. Mahi

    All the hairs in game is white

    every hair in game is white
  19. Ueda

    /bless will be added in the next update!
  20. Ueda

    This is planned!
  21. Ueda

    This goes against the idea for Fame to be purely aesthetic. There's no hard design reason why it has to be, it's just a design choice. Fame system was straight up taken from MapleStory, and the fame system in MapleStory became part of gameplay systems and item requirements, and that ruined the system. So it's a personal preference.
  22. Ueda

    Idea accepted, added to the to-do list.
  23. (GM/Admin) Added /clearinv command for easier item debugging (deletes all items in your own inventory) Added /bless command that can be used to see how much time is remaining for the current server blessing Added Combat Lock On-screen Action Message to make it clearer while in a combat situation Portals on the same map to the same map (eg. Sand Theatre backstage) no longer combat lock Better Combat Lock Messages (Gives Time Remaining) Fixed sliding quickly on warp tiles while combat locked Prevent walking onto warp tiles while combat locked at all Hopefully fixed a rare Gift Box / Item related bug Fixed some mail related issues Fixed the following reported issues
  24. UPVOTE IT B4 READIN WASSUP After the Village War event got announced, and the prizes were Trophies, I saw on Discord people discussing how and where could they place it, or what to do with it Since the Housing system it's still in an early stage and depends of other systems to be added to be more functional (Storage System for example), I was thinking about what else could we do with our houses once we purchase it; then I saw my good friends @Hamuza @Eikyo and @Yashagoro talking about certain stuff that they'd love to see in a future regarding house system: → First thing would clearly be the Storage system → Being able to place our own Shop to sell stuff (Or a small business to sell goodies) → Being able to Purchase our own house and then getting the possibility of Renting it → Managing our own business and deciding if Selling or Auction it But first, a big step would be being able to purchase a permanent house, at the moment we cannot purchase one for ourselves, just renting; My proposal is to allow players to fully purchase a house in the Housing District, since they're pretty far away from the main village and can get another District added if anything, but the ones inside the village to be Rentals Only And then stuff like making our own shop to sell items/consumables with a Shop System To wrap it up, the possibility for players to create signs to point down their store to other players Ty for reading it all sexi
  25. Raiden

    Title Menu freezes game

    I had a kage appointed title removed from me and now I cannot access my title page without my game freezing (I can draw pictures with my mouse if that makes sense)
  26. Banned off twitter, F Elon, nin is where iz at 

  27. Throne of God

    Just like any day Leaf aviary was busy and full of noise from all the stamps and pens of chunin working nearby. The job is usually not that hard at least compared to fighting it was rather easy for a chunin but even then compared to other days only a few letters came today. Some of them were about land inquiries and some about mission requests but nothing special. Suddenly a harsh noise came from outside the building all chunin stood up in unison in a battle stance. The sound was approaching closer every second. Then a hawk suddenly crashes onto the floor surprising everyone in the room. A chunin quickly dashes and examine the hawk letter.The chunin takes the letter in his shaking hand seeing the current state of the delivery hawk. It could be anything. Every one of his muscles tenses up as he opens the letter carefully in an attempt to not damage the letter or further freak out the scared hawk. The letter was of bad quality and a little burned the writing was horrible almost as if written in a hurry. The chunin read out the letter to the other chunin. "We are under attack! Our patrolling group was attacked by an army of sand ninjas near the dark clearing currently heading to the leaf village." The chunin handling the letter was shocked and rushed to the Kage office with all the strength he could gather. In little over fifteen minutes the state of the leaf village changed the usual shops busting with customers all closed down in a matter of minutes. The joyful sounds of children playing vanished without a trace. All that was left was the grim expression of trained ninjas ready to fight.The action taken by the current Hokage was quick and he manages to gather most of the active forces in leaf such as the military police force, Five out of twelve guardians, and many chunin and jonin. The current force gathered wasn't the full power leaf could provide but it also wasn't too bad. The real problem was that sand was nowhere to be seen. The Kage quickly sends some scouts to find sand traces but they were nowhere to be found. Many questions were revolving inside the leaf ninja's minds such as "did they leave without fighting" or "was the information about coming to leaf wrong?" Everyone seems worried not only because sand was missing but also regarding the content of the letter sent by the unknown leaf ninja. Even if situations are dire leaf ninja always sends an encrypted letter but this one was not further it doesn't contain any useful information about the number of sand coming or anything else.But still, a delivery hawk delivered the letter which means it was indeed sent by a leaf ninja. The delivery hawks are trained for years before they are ready to work. They only take letters from leaf ninjas even if they are about to die but there is a loophole that sand can easily exploit the hawks never betray the leaf village but humans could easily. The Hokage's calm and relaxed expression changed to an angry one as he shouts "FORMATION 12!" As soon as shinobi hear the Kage command they rush out and spread. Till now they were guarding the entrance to leaf village against a threat that was nowhere to be found. But the situation was different now the threat might already be inside the village. The sand village is famously known for its techniques related to invisibility Jutsu. They are the most advance when coming to any type of cloaking ability and changed the simple technique to absolute perfection granting them perfect cloaks. This means they might have already invaded the village and just waiting to eradicate us in one single attack. All the shinobi took positions around the village ready to fight but nothing happened the sand army still was nowhere to be seen and everyone's stress was only increasing over time. One hour went by and still, nothing happened everyone was still in position. They could do nothing but wait until they are given further orders. Many random thoughts started plaguing the minds of ninjas such as "maybe someone just did it as a joke? And in reality, no one was coming to invade us and everything will return to normal soon." Each minute feels like an eternity when you know you can die at any moment but here two hours already passed and there was no movement to be seen some thought that maybe they left because the Hokage quickly figured out their plan but some were more skeptical about the situation and believed that this is what sand exactly wanted and was trying to make everyone tired.The sun was setting down soon and everyone's worries were only getting bigger with each passing second. The fearless ninja who rules over everyone whether a chunin or a jonin started to feel the instinct of every living being of trying to hide from predators. The exhaustion from waiting for extended periods knowing full well that they might be attacked at any given moment was the worst feeling they could experience in their life. The ninjas who once killed thousands in battles and forgot about the fear of dying were slowly regaining the fear back as death approached. Finally, When the sun set down a huge clang sound passed through the leaf village. Everyone face turned toward the blast almost as if they were part of a hive mind knowing exactly what was about to happen. The Kage signaled a group of four military police forces to collect intel on the enemy. They all sprinted toward the unknown sound at full speed and then one of them exploded everyone was caught off guard by the scene they were witnessing in front of them. It was unbelievable one of the skilled ninjas and an honored member of the military police force was defeated so easily by traps set up by sand. Soon more sounds and explosions could be heard all around the village the scream of villagers could be heard loud and clear. The Kage singled to go but one of the jonin stops him and said "Hokage Sama we shouldn't go they are just trying to lure us into their traps!" The Kage looked straight into Jonin's eyes but no words came out. The Hokage didn't say anything but everyone already knew how the Hokage was feeling. The Hokage treats everyone as part of their family and seeing them die in front of him and not able to do anything was weakening his mind and soul. He was about to do something reckless moving right where the enemy wanted us but at the same time, The explosion and suffering we were witnessing was so horrible and inhumane that many of the ninjas even knowing full well that it was not a good idea to go help still wanted to go even if they die in the process. It was a tough decision but in the end, The jonin who said not to go was able to convince Kage from doing something so reckless. all the higher-level chunin and Hokage started to make plans and discussing on how to handle the situation. Every second they used to discuss how to defend was resulting in hundreds of death. After 3 minutes or so everyone stopped they finally came up with a plan and started to move. From what they gathered so far was that they were near the entrance of the leaf village but the sand was already deep inside the village causing havoc and Leaf can't fight them straight on because all the traps spread like a minefield between them. The Hokage and other high-rank ninja order everyone to go inside the leaf sewer which confused some low-ranking ninjas they knew that the leaf sewer contains a passage that leads to outside the village but then why are we going? As they move further inside the sewer some ninja confusion was only growing further but they didn't say anything because they trusted the Hokage with their lives even back then if the jonin didn't stop the Hokage they would run into the traps without a single shred of fear. The passage that led to the outside leaf village was near but then a strange thing happened the Kage took a strange turn and went toward a dead end. Everyone looked in confusion not knowing what was going on. Hokage touch the wall but nothing happened but then after a few seconds, The wall started to shake and opened everyone was surprised and looked confused the Kage went inside and ordered everyone to follow the strange place. What they entered was the ANBU base they only heard about in myths and stories as a child was right in front of them. The Kage clapped his hand taking everyone's attention and directing it toward him and said "the sand village surprised and attack us and caught us off guard and we can't fight them head but with this, we can win! We are currently inside the leaf ANBU base which contains a secret passage that allows us to go behind the leaf village quickly. We are going to do a surprise attack. Is everyone ready?" everyone trusting the Hokage nodded in succession. The Sand village was causing havoc around the leaf village and was surprised that leaf didn't come to protect it but most ignored it saying they prob got scared. But the Kazekage standing on top of the building looked confused he knew very well that leaf wouldn't just sit back or hide he fought them a thousand times and knew the Hokage better than anyone. A huge scream came most people didn't think of it much and just ignored it as another scream from one of the people they killed but then a lot more could be heard they all looked back and leaf was attacking them from behind they were caught off guard. They trusted the plan too much and thought leaf was helpless to do anything now. A huge fight began behind the lines most sand ninjas were not ready to face an attack from behind. The formation they were in gave them a huge advantage if leaf came from the front but now that they somehow appeared behind them everyone was confused and didn't know what to do. An all-out battle begins both sand ninja and leaf ninja started dying. The battle was a legendary one the leaf with their strategy gave them a huge advantage but the sand still fought with everything they got. The battle lasted more than forty-five minutes. After that sand ninjas retreated and left the village with the help of their cloak ability. All that was left was the dead body from both sides and a huge trail of destruction. Most leafy were happy that they were able to defend the village when they thought it would be impossible before but many still looked sad and wondered when the war will end.
  28. Ridozuku

    the mask after moved from headwear slot to mask slot, lost the "shapes" and colors can we plz get it back to headwear slot instead the mask? i beg that the example on the same hair style Mask slot Headwear slot
  29. man I really haven't been active


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