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  2. Gilgamesh

    Thanks bro that was our first ever raid as an org. first of many!
  3. Mizxry

    AYE, the SHAE OT soundtrack, them heals lookin tasty too. Really nice teamwork
  4. Mizxry

    Leaf suprasses any other village with the numbers of lvl50+ or lvl40+ ninjas they have online at any given time, Leaf numbers is a relevant arguement but not when it comes to village weapons. The valid arguement for village weapons is simply that Leaf's hidden mastery as absolutely zero need for one and yall should push more for village weapons being locked to wind and water to reduce use. Most people talk about high lvl ninja from leaf not even counting your lowbies lvl35 and below, that's just the plain truth. Leaf as the ability to pull at least 5-8 people most times of the day if needed while as sand mist sometimes struggle to pull that same number. That's the reality, leaf will be the largest village in game for the forseable future and yall wanting a village weapon cuz sand and mist have will literally lead tomore complain and wont fix a thing.
  5. Mizxry

    Leaf shouldn't demand a weapon just because Sand and Mist have it, fan and pipe have a valid reason to be in the game, chakra blades doesnt. What should be pushed more (which I completely support) is for fan and pipe to be locked to their masteries to limit the use of said weapons, leaf bringing up the arguement "well they have one so give us one" doesnt solve the issue at all. Giving leaf chk blades will do absolutely nothing to counter pipe or fan as those two weapons will obliterate it at close range as your basically holding Z like a chk med while crystal fan and pipe can stun or snare them. That weapon being added will just lead to more complaints.
  6. Emiya

    Yes please. Been suggesting this for a while now, so I hope it doesn't fall into dear ears this time around. Alt+X for player-targets (so medics can target allies). Regular X to target enemy ninjas first.
  7. Hao

    I was thinking of posting this a while ago, but yeah, I 100% agree with this. Need to also have a /playerfocus where your targeting puts NPC mobs at lowest priority and all players above. And to avoid the complexity of commands, it could instead be a toggle that cycles through all the priorities (like run, pvp, etc.) that is shown in a part of UI (if enabled in the Options menu, just like how you can see your Run/Walk toggle on the UI).
  8. Black Rain

    What about our good old friend target bug
  9. NariKame

  10. Esty

    Actually would be nice to have a way of putting a priority for our target through slash commands such as /priorityenemy for anyone /priorityally for meds and /nonepriority (The target we already have). It would be a nice addition and would make the game mechanics way more effective and less of a pain.
  11. Romy

    Can you make it so when you are in mass fights/team fights that the target system makes you prioritises enemy ninjas first instead of always targetting your own villagers/org members when you are close too them in group fights.
  12. Yesterday
  13. FireDuck6969

    Hidden Sound
  14. Romy

    Hidden flute mastery, hidden sound hideout, cheers.
  15. SaphV2

    Weapon looks nice, could be probably add it to the shop in curse labs.
  16. Futon

    Upvote it
  17. Flipperboy

    Lets go good idea
  18. LionGod

    Yh let's do this idea rq
  19. Elevenswords

    i can agree with some weekend events to boost playerbase during those days. +1
  20. Drusilla

    As the topic says weekend event but im not talking about gm based event im talking about GLOBAL EVENTS! YES you heard me. WE NEED DOUBLE EXP WEEKEND EVENTS, DOUBLE DROP RATE WEEKEND , RYO LOTERY WEEKENDS. I am just throwing these ideas out there becaue man nin has been dry i aint sugar coating nothing and with these events we can alteast grind and do stuff while we wait for content its the least the devs can do.. Anyways peace.
  21. Mana

    It would look nicer if it was a tad shorter. Also this is a very nice idea. We can only pray for them to be locked.
  22. Harmony

    Adding universal mastery for all villages would be nice similar to how we have snake, dog, and monkey summon
  23. Crowlock

    Ah yes i bet Rory will add a whole NEW MASTERY that wasnt planned for his game vision and the whole balance that he has in mind for the endgame and future updates based on 1 fanart weapon. The Flute seems nice and it matches INT masteries more than a staff if u think about it. But lets just hold off with new weapons before locking fans and pipes to their targeted hidden masteries? xd
  24. Imhotep

    Not only should Leaf get a weapon, every village should have multiple weapons and weapon specialization masteries. The game desperately needs a way to add variety to builds. Right now the only serious hybrid options are WMs. Sand's 40 Int WMs with a Crystal Fan switch is a good example. Advanced will be a big update that brings lots of new options, but given that the precedent for tools is already set, I think it should be looked into sooner rather than later. Off-topic: There's about 2-3 hours a day where the whole server is dead. 4-6 of prime time where every village can be active. In the remaining hours only Leaf, and sometimes Takumi Orgs, can put together a larger group. 3-4 vs 8+ is a frequent occurrence dealing with Leaf outside of prime time. What's the deal with Leafies catching amnesia and forgetting they had a numbers advantage after every fight? Ya'll have consistent numbers. It's not a bad thing necessarily, but you do. 8 players, two of which are AFK, might not seem like a lot but it is when the other villages have 3 players between them.
  25. Kaen

    Don't lock this weapon for leaf, flute itsn't Gentle fist related weapon, that's a whole sound item, make it drop at host boss or boneboss or even manda
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