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  4. Seifer

    Village Jonin (Un)-Equality

    Sand Jonin -> Chase you across all of sand and does Sand knockback waves of damage. Mist Jonin -> WP you and hit you 300 dead Leaf Jonin -> I'M A HELICOPTERRRR

    Top 5 Silver Idols that You Must Have at Your Home


     According to Hindu’s religious book there are many importance of having silver idols at your home like positive energy, spiritual and materialistic success, prosperity and wealth, peace and success. If you want all these things then you must have a look on these 5 important silver idols and definitely it will help you to make your life more successful.


     Parshwanath Silver Idol – Having a Parshwanath Silver will always make you positive and bdring good vibes at your home Parshwanath was born in Kashi which is also called as city of Shiva. And if you keep this at your home or office then it will remove all the negative energies from your home and give you the positive atmosphere where you can achieve your goals and feel positive all the time.



     Silver Balaji- As we know Tirupati Balji temple is very famous in our India it is located in Tirumala. Inspiring of this temple Silver Balaji idol is one of the most beautiful divine pieces and there is a kemp stand which cover this idol beautifully and this idol brings positive vibes at your home by removing all the negative energy.




    Silver saraswati- knowledge can make you rich and fulfil all your desire. for this We all know that Goddess saraswati can help you a lot to gain the knowledge and saraswati is well known for wisdom and intelligence.  saraswati can increase your intelligence and make you more successful in your life. Having a silver saraswati idol can make a strong bond between you and goddess saraswati. And this idol will help you to gain the knowledge.




    silver laxmi- We all know that Goddess Laxmi has power to fulfil all your need and in Hindu region we worship the goddess Laxmi and pray that goddess Laxmi solve all our problems related to the money and for this Silver Laxmi idol help you to achieve your goals and gives you positive vibes and it helps you to connect with the god. If you set up this according to the vastushastra then you can be successful and achieve wealth in your life.



    silver ganesh- Whenever we start our new work so before starting, we worship the god ganesh so that there is a high chance to get success in that work and silver ganesh idol make easy of this process. It is known as that having a ganesh idol in your home or office give you wisdom and happiness and fulfil all of your dream.




    So, these are some silver idols if you want one of them you can get these from our website. You will see variety of silver idols and jewellery. We have excellent artist who can create jewellery for you according to your need. We prefer handmade silver jewellery and our clients love it so much because our client’s need is our priority and we always working on it to give you best experience with our product.

  6. Nagao Hideki

    The jacket doesn’t really need to be re-designed as it’s the same for Sand and Mist, only with different colours (Sand has a brown one, Mist’s is a dark blue or black even). A simple solution to this would be to just recolour the existing model to a light green and put it up for sale in some shop. Making an NPC for it would require more time and effort so I’d suggest they add it to one of the existing shops or just duplicate an NPC (e.g. the Ninken in the Eyewear shop) and make them sell the vest and the utility pouch.
  7. Might Guy

    I would really love this addition it would be amazing but honestly I think someone would have to commission one for them to add it in I don't think they'll design one from scratch.
  8. i hope you like it i gust started the game

  9. Frankly it's just slightly worse than people buying a house, then going rogue and using it with their allies as a safe zone inside the homeenemy village. We've seen Freezehud do that with the house next to the Kage house, also was it Ryuusuken who owned the house next to the gate and was letting any non-leaf hide in it? Kages definitely should be given an instant eviction command, as this feature is clearly abused in pvp.
  10. Nagao Hideki

    The same goes for utility pouches. Although I can see where they are coming from when they didn’t give Leaf a utility vest. Both Sand and Mist ninja were seen wearing these flak jackets as Genin during the Fourth Shinobi World War or at least once in the Show. As for Leaf, I haven’t really encountered any different variations to the Leaf flak jacket except the ones used in the Second Shinobi World War by people like Dan Kato which was a light green plain vest with no pockets, neck guards or scroll pouches. If we were to go down the route of every village getting a vest I’d say the best solution would be to recolour the Sand or Mist vest to a light green (like the one we see Dan wear) and make an NPC sell it in either of the Leaf shops or just set up shop in one of the village’s empty houses. Adding the Uzumaki symbol to the back of the vest would also be a nice addition but that would probably be too much for a simple flak jacket for non-ranked. Anyway, hope this gets implemented.
  11. Varan

    Survey Sand Entrance

    It said survey completed and checked the mission log and it showed 120/120. On the way back to leaf near the gate, got a message above my head that said "Guard Duty Interrupted". Mission progress went down to 118/120 and had to go back to sand to finish again
  12. Seifer

    Both Sand and Mist have utility vests for their village. It's a nice outfit that can show unity between members of an army. Yet.... LEAF DOES NOT HAVE ONE someone playing village favorites or wut....
  13. Daniel

    maybe it's time to overall do a new thread with someone who knows the market and feels responsible to update it from time to time? would be cool
  14. Daniel

    It's not only before, it also happends when overall cloaking inside this room.
  15. looking for a solution as well
  16. Impale

    Fire jutsus missing sounds

    Firewall has no sound when you use it. Triple Phoenix fireball has zero sound when used Fire Dragon has no sound when used aswell
  17. Inoshishi Mask, Tengu Masks and Winter Hanzo Mask now conceal identity. Fixed Soap Bubble Explosion losing its knockback on Rank 3
  18. Enver

  19. Raitou

    Great detailed post. Thank you for taking the time to write it. This gives me a lot of ideas.
  20. SDZ

    bump, extremely relevant and requires attention
  21. Enkidu

    Let me just say I love love love this idea and really hope that something similar gets implemented off of this. Any luck implementing something similar? This could be the real change teamfight PVP needs in the game to revive the DZ's
  22. Earlier
  23. Dai chegou...


  24. 0 incentive. I'd rather spar in toads than run into a group of 9 villagers or try my luck against a 7sm while I'm unbuffed. Side note, people seem to have memories of the old PB. The nerfed Puppet is just as bad as the 12G buff.
  25. Akimito

    Maybe some kind of "bad luck system" could get introduced here? Whenever you fail to enchant blank into sealable/summon contract you should get some small success chance increase. When you finally manage to successfully enchant a scroll your chances go back to base rate.
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