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  3. Mokuchi

    I was fighting a racoon bandit and all of a sudden before it almost died my character moved like it was sliding and my screen ingame started shaking like an earthquake was happening and when you did a jutsu no animation would show up and I was moving really slowly, couldn't get recording up in time unfortunately
  4. Eroyuu

    Bubble mastery has a great potential, just rework it instead of replacing it with something that has nothing to do with the mist village.
  5. VestaOrion

    I don't mind throwing money in to help Mist in any way we see fit.
  6. Feinz

    So your argument is that bone style should be limited to a leaf clan called Suwa, or am I mistaken? And to the others, I don't hate the concept of bubble. I just believe with it's current early state, there should be no issues with exploring other ideas, especially when the community seems pretty fond of this idea.
  7. Tekkey Hinode

    While i agree that bubble is unpopular as it is now, the rework should focus on making the bubble better (i think Balcoin made great topic on how bubble rework could look like), not scraping it just because the villagers have agreed to throw money at their problems. 1. Shikotsumyaku is a genetic bloodline limit ability, active on just one family of the many Kaguya's descendants. Why would every Mist ninja have acces to that? Makes way for some very bad "we're all family here" rp... :x 2. Proving the bone manipulation to be bloodline ability, it should as such be attributed to a clan - as their unique Kekkei Genkai. And before you guys further hype on that "give it to Hoshi" idea, Shikotsumyaku has has already been explicitly claimed by the Suwa clan of the Leaf. Dibs. 3. Just to clarify - Byakugan is Hyuuga bloodline ability, Gentle Fist is not. Having x-ray vision just greatly helps the performance of that combat style. Jyuuken is at most clan's secret technique, thought anyone could learn it with proper training (cough...Hanabi teaching Boruto... cough...). Ps. Frankly the only positive of Feinz's plan, that i notice, would be rightful conlusion to call any user of such mastery "spineless". Is one meme material worth scraping developers work?
  8. Azhura

  9. Mugen

    While I like the idea of this mastery being made and added to the game, I also like the concept of bubble. With that said, @Ueda should look at this and re-think about the changes he should be making for bubble. Seemingly as so many people would rather have it replaced with something entirely else which just shows how bad the situation really is with the bubble mastery as a whole.
  10. Enver

    Looks like Leaf copy/paste.
  11. Bmore

    What a crack head
  12. Enver

  13. Bubbly

    Fan is a much stronger hidden mastery yet the same thing happens in Sand. There are barely any Fan mastery users, most people just use the weapon+Tornadoes. It is an interesting concept but Bubble has an equally interesting concept, a trap based mastery that relies on snares. Just cause people don't want to play a mastery that is new and weaker than what they are used to doesn't mean you should just scrap the whole thing. Rory himself said there's still stuff to be done for the mastery...
  14. Amenominaka

    Even if Bubble got a buff or a rework to some capacity, I think it is safe to say that only a handful of Mist ninja actually use Bubble. It's so bad that whenever a Mist ninja makes a Bubble Ninja, it's usually seen a "meme" and not even a viable strategy at all, as most would rather give you alternative masteries to pick from. Kaguya Style or Bone Jutsu is a more interesting concept to Mist Ninjas than Bubble is. Yes, while Bubble is unique in its own right, it is no where near as effective as a style to be able to hitch on this idea of being "unique". Could Bubble use a rework? Yes, it could, but at that point, if you're going to overhaul the entire mastery (which is what the mastery needs), then the exploration of a different mastery/style can also be put in order since it would take about the same amount of work either way. The Bubble Pipe itself is nice, and I know it is the cause of a lot of frustration for the other villages, since they can get snared easily, but a majority of the Mist Ninja who use the pipe do not have the Soap Bubble Mastery at all. If Feinz and the Mist Village as a whole is willing to put their money on removing the Bubble Mastery and replacing it, I do not see an issue, since it would be replacing one with the other and not keeping both of them. Leaf has an amazing Hidden Mastery in Gentle Fist, and Sand has created an iconic style with their fan, able to use a ranged basic attack and have a hit-and-stun tornado jutsu that can combo into other things.
  15. Mokuchi

    Well uhhm he was adopted into the sound village, so originally they where just descended from kaguya... So in reality they did not belong to any village.. But the whole clan died to mist so it could work out RP wise if they took in the last bone user and made it a strong addition to kirigakure
  16. Bubbly

    Kimimaro was a villager of the Hidden Sound village, not Hidden Mist village. It doesn't make much sense to have a hidden mastery that has no background in being a Hidden Mist mastery whatsoever. At best this could be jutsu used by the Hoshi clan. On the other hand Soap Bubble Ninjutsu was something used exclusively by Hidden Mist ninjas. While it's true that the mastery is not the strongest right now, the Fan mastery wasn't much better when it was released. It's a new mastery so it will take time for it to get balanced out. Rather than removing a mastery that has a pretty good concept and nice art you should suggest ways to improve it...
  17. Giyu

    No cap get this man his silver.
  18. Esty

    You got me completely when you said "we are whiling to put money" I just smashed the support button by how serious the idea is, and how nice would it be xD
  19. Bulma

  20. Dredge Hinode

    *golf clap*
  21. Kageyoshi

    The techniques seem alright, so does the concept. But the thing is, this game lacks the usual 'tank' masteries we all know. It will create many new opportunities for playstyles, such as having different fronts on a battlefield, putting the tanks on the vanguard to soak up the damage for the damage dealers. The mastery that comes closest to this is Taijutsu, however that's mostly focused on speed and damage output. If you could tone this idea into a tank build it would shine brighter. The bone armor concept is a nice example of this. To think of it Kimimaro did have a reinforced bone structure that kept restoring his bones. So this would be made like an ultimate counter for Taijutsu. Also for the seedling fern you could better turn the hitbox a cone, like the first half of the Big Flame Bullet. Or just a square around the character that would repel people off them, inflicting bleed if they touched the bones.
  22. Maj

    This man feinz bout to have everyone coming to mist with this idea xD
  23. Kaen

  24. Oryx

    I'll help pay its amazin idea
  25. Kyuzo

    Would love to see this in action!
  26. Kuraya

    This would be good, cause after missions what do low levels do apart from farming? It a part of the game to farm but we are getting bored for it after a couple of time, more contents/quests would be great.
  27. Kuraya

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