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  2. JunPachi

    Gold and Silver both should be able to post pictures in Nin General channel in discord. Should ignore the chat cooldown in trade channel in the discord. The Color Palette for hair should be wider for us. Meaning we have more colors to choose from for hair. Every 3 months we should get a Free Stat Rest/World Blessing which would be random between the two. Should have the option to get a Gold Headband in every style including the styles from past anniversaries.
  3. JunPachi

    It was added to be a delay between map swapping back and forth. Some people including myself would map switch between the same 2 maps avoiding damage/being killed and eventually find a way to escape. Map switching cooldown from combat timer should be removed HOWEVER, there should be something to prevent the statement above. Either add a 1 to two second cooldown on constant map swapping between the same 2 maps or make it slow you if you do so. it could give a message " Slow down you are trying to map switch too fast" which would prevent you from switching for ___ amount of seconds.
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  5. Maito Dai

    The crowd has spoken.
  6. Aesthetic

    it does suck that bullets is not as powerful as it was but now its balanced and the only addition I'd ever have to make to it now is making it less than a 1 sec cast time so the only cancel wind users are using is god damn flick claw ;-; I can agree with changing vacuum and I believe even rory might have mentioned wanting to change it from what I've heard though I could be wrong. I think its best to be patient as lots of people including myself have made topics asking for a change to vac or wind itself to make it feel more viable now that its 2 huge dps have been nerfed over the past year and half but we just gotta wait and see what rory wants to do ;-;
  7. Aesthetic

    If rory implemented bigger bonuses for gold then it would become a monthly payment and I do not support that as a broke bish individual ;-; just survive the harassing world nerds
  8. Drusilla

    gold and silver ninja's should get some substantial benefits other than gold name , text and the little discounts.. we should even get daily login rewards.. bonus exp from mobs ...i agree with the 2x bless cuz at the end of the day its us that be buying it not non gold/silver people..
  9. Drusilla

    I will get straight to the point the two wind jutsus I'm talking about are wind bullet and vacuum 1) wind bullet :after bug fix i would say was good since it was a bug but the jutsu is very underwhelming i would really like for the jutsu to live up to the name and actually pierce enemies and mobs can even go a 2 tic bleed the fact when u land it and it just slighting knocks back aint it ,at all it really should pierce through people. 2) vacuum: vacuum had its dmg nerfed in a past patch when it was instant cast and then @Rory then made it a cast and never reverted the dmg nerf change so now vacuum take ages to use and the dmg is bad i suggest that the dmg be return from what it was before and vacuum should also punch through as well like wind slash an d speaking on wind slash it should be a instant cast but that just my opinion these changes will really give wind an identity.
  10. Mizxry

    I dont support this, Nin Online doesnt need a pay to win feature I get wanting to reward Gold members but I dont think that is a good way to do it.
  11. Law

    I suggest , World Blessing x2 exp rate for Gold/Silver Ninja only . Its good advantage for player who support game! > x1,5 For no Gold / x2 For Gold/Silver.
  12. Imhotep

    +1. It's all groups and armies anyway, what's the use of maplocking except screwing anyone who mapswitches first.
  13. Ueda

    Sorry but your name got censored. If you want a free name change lmk.

  14. Last week
  15. Jiren

    I believe we are at the point in time now in the game where map lock just shouldn't exist. I for example get very frustrated while solo-hunting because of people that only move in groups, preventing me from escaping because of some magical barrier. Before, the excuse was that certain players run too fast, and would never die if we got rid of maplock. It's safe to say that everyone runs at about the same speed now. So what's the excuse?
  16. Rage

    Why? With the new wave of Kage's we are already seeing far more activity and wars. Which is great! However, almost every single fight is decided by who can map switch camp the longest. Solution: Since players complained about Combat Tag not map locking you in the past when it was taken away I believe we should get a 2 second force field upon entering a map. The same force field you get once you are revived. Problem & Fix: P:Players could attempt to spam switch between the same two maps to avoid being hit. F:Make it so once you switch maps initially you will have a 15-20 second cool down before getting the force field again on that map. Alternative Solution: Originally running speed was an issue for the "lower spec" players which resulted in complaints about people being able to escape death without map lock. Now with the changes we have received the "lower spec" players have even more movement speed than those who have good equipment or set ups.(Which is stupid but not the point of this topic) the map lock in general could be removed. It honestly takes the feel of open world out of this game and the only people who actually want map lock in the game are those who never hunt solo. They simply want it there so they can hit a person once and attack them with multiple players in an unfair situation. @Ueda@Erox Please respond to this post with genuine criticism or useful feedback, don't just try and deny it because of the person making the post since that's just weird. Hate in another outlet.
  17. LionGod

    seismic dash ppl be flickering with it?, also mountain is dodgeable last time i checked and claw can be dodged once in a while (consider u running out of range for the claw) or on the rare cases when they miss it
  18. Raitou

    +5 chakra on a class that uses chakra pretty economically as it is and health regen plus it still chunks like a son of a gun. Great sword as it is, bandit blade's chad younger brother.
  19. Raitou

    There isn't a world where wind scythe gets quality of life changes without its ugly cousin shockwave slash getting the love it needs.
  20. LionGod

    Yh i like this idea
  21. JunPachi

    Crystal Fan level requirement should be 53 and Blood iron Fan should be 57. 50/51 is too low for an item that only requires 80 strength and the same applies to blood iron fan i do agree the level requirements need to be flip flopped though. It makes no sense at all.
  22. JunPachi

    The Current chat box is semi transparent and nice and all but I had a few suggestions that could possibly be added or may get some attention that the community would probably like. This is the current chat box and how it Currently is. Notice how is some what transparent but still a little dark. In the Options/Settings window you should be able to make the grey/black box that surround the text more transparent and when you hover your mouse over it it darkens back up to how it currently is. Why this change? When people are the top borders of a map and you're trying to look in the respected corner your chat box is in its hard to see. Being able to make it more transparent will give you a little more visibility without you having to disable your whole HUD. For this suggestion I had an idea to add a separate channel in the chat box area designated with a skull where you can view nothing but the bounties you have got from people you have killed. Often times people screenshot bounties due to some reward system set up with a specific Corps/Village or to gloat and boast about it in certain discords. This would make the Main "A" Channel where all chat is logged less cluttered and overfilled with things and make it easier to view the rewards you can get from the people you have killed. Again this is a suggestion but I hope it can be upvoted by the community and hopefully the gms! Leave a like and provide some feedback on your thoughts about it.
  23. Himiko

    Oh that's not why i complain about it the reason is similar to mountain crusher and seismic dash when paired with flicker it unavoidable unless you use sub unlike every other jutsus in game those are the 3 jutsu i dislike
  24. Seifer

    It would not be the same as bubble clone. The puppets would have ranged jutsus and melee, but they just are no longer immortal and insta-kill armies. Would also be nice if they did not take up half a map. Js
  25. Seifer

    If blood katana got a passive like this it's initial dmg would have to be lowered. But besides that point, I do not think Rory could program in so many technicalities into a sword for this type of game.
  26. Seifer

    Especially since there is an animation there. And you are not using it at an elevated level. Also fire bullet should definitely get those hit-boxes if Taijutsu's Peacock strike can hit players from the side of them with no animation lul.
  27. Seifer

    The whole game is kind of awkward with it's level/stat requirements and legendary/rare statuses. Could use some tweaking.
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