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  3. Hageshi

    Just make it add +X agility and leave it as an accessory.
  4. Slifer

    I like having it as an accessory though. I vote changing the description instead.
  5. Snake

    Yes yami, splendid idea my friend... Z NATION PREVAILS!
  6. Flicker

    I think this item should be changed into a weapon rather than being a cosmetic. It says it makes u punch harder so I feel like it would be a more unique thing than just another glove item. The gloves wouldn't decrease speed like other weapons but they would only give a small amount of base damage. Like 4-5 damage to your melee attacks.
  7. I have that bug when I turn full screen option in game it will tell me that I need to restart the game.. and after I restart the game it will remain the same and the full screen option would be off again.. repeats for ever.. tried opening the game with administrator and without.. nothing changes..
  8. Hageshi

    I'm all in for that, it's really nicely explained and fits into RP! Would like to hear @Ueda's thoughts
  9. Slifer

    Not everybody wants to read the dialogue. I didn't care at all, hence why I spammed my way through. I suggest making the dialogue similar to the dialogue for creating a new character then. Where you can't spam past it.
  10. Hi everyone, a new player's proposal to improve the trading system. This proposal comes from the fact that a lot of exchanges are done outside the game. The main platform to contact sellers or buyers is the official server discord or the server discord of villages, organisations, networks etc... These in my opinion has several problems: - New players don't think to join discord in order to find the means to trade. There are no tutorials or ways in the games for players to learn how to make ryo or trade. This makes trading quite annoying and something that only high-level players know about. - Having to use discord to trade affects roleplay and immersion in the game. This is the most important thing in my opinion. This is especially true since there is a lot of competition on the discord trade channel, so you have to be very focused on the thread (and therefore AFK in game) - discord trading is slow. The more fluid and enjoyable the trade is, the more players will play. So here is my proposal (Roleplay presentation): Create the "Shinobi Trade Company". The STC is a merchant company of the ninja world that is present in all cities. This one has offices in all the cities and in key places of the shinobi world. The STC facilitates the exchange between shinobis. In these premises, the STC displays all the products that players submit for sale, both internally in the village and with external trade. Here, players can set their price and the company facilitates the contact between the buyer and the seller. (Explanation out of Roleplay) In concrete terms, the idea would be to create this 'company' which would serve as a platform for internal trade in- game. In its premises, all the products put on sale are displayed, with the contact of the player. The buyer can then contact the seller and make an appointment to buy the products. Or we can allow players to trade directly on the platform, personally I'm against it because it would limit the movements and contacts in the game. This would keep the immersive aspect of the game, reinforce roleplay and facilitate trading. This can be a way to familiarize players with all the in-game items. In every city there is a 'merchant' space that already exists. The STC premises could be present there. Here is a small proposal to try to enrich the game. NB : Sorry for my bad English! Mendez
  11. Ueda

    I'm familiar with seizure risks. However, I'm pretty sure one solid white flash is considered safe. There are no consecutive flashes. You're not supposed to be spamming your way through that scene, there is dialogue. That's a fair point. Will consider that. I'll consider. Not every fight should take place in open spaces. We design each mastery with different terrain, some are better when the enemies can't run etc. so in the same way the game's world and story fights are going to play to different advantages. I don't have one soz
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  13. Slifer

    You're lying and it's WeirdChamp.
  14. As one of the Asian players, I could actually feel the significant improvement in ping/latency when using the new client. Thanks so much to all the developers and GM that made this happened.
  15. Looks cool Finally, Non-Gold players can use it as well!!! Congrats @Ueda @TheWolf and other GM and dev who helped in making it and all players who helped with testing.
  16. With Wolf on board finally time to wrap up this project! Glad to have been one of the first testers
  17. Dear Ninja, We're happy to announce we're finally opening up testing of a "secret" project that we've been working on for awhile now. For the past few months, we've been working on rewriting our Nin Online client in C#, which will mean the end of the era of Nin Online running on an outdated engine. We're dubbing this update... Nin Online Inochi Which is not a new game title, but just a temporary alias to differentiate between the old Visual Basic game client (and era of visual basic server) and the game moving forward with a modern codebase and renderer. Eventually when we depreciate the old client, we can throw away this distinction. But for the time being, when reporting bugs for example, please do include which version of Nin Online you are currently playing! The significance of the word Inochi means life and I like that with the new client we can finally address key quality of life improvements, as we're in the middle of rewriting the entire user interface system. We'll also eventually be adding some more ninja lifestyle features like owning houses and organization houses, which would not have been easy with the old client. Although right now, for the most part, Nin Online Inochi is meant to be a 1:1 recreation of the old client, it still comes with numerous improvements from minor bug fixes to major features, here's some changes... Zoom & Target Following Camera Options In-game Settings (Including Keybinds) Other cool changes so far Important notes We are discontinuing support for 32-bit OS with Nin Online Inochi. As much as we'd love to support the small amount of people still on 32-bit Windows. We are looking into how we can get it working again, but we recommend trying to install 64-bit Windows if that is an option for you. It is still currently rather buggy, but the amount of improvements that this new update brings is worth letting new players try using it to see if they are able to withstand the bugs in order to enjoy all the benefits it provides. This includes much better performance and even possibly consistent latency/ping due to better handling of incoming network packets. Some users have noted that some anti-virus softwares don't like our new patcher, this is hopefully addressed by having the game install with admin rights, but if it isn't, you might need to manually update the client if it says it's outdated. We will continue to support the old client for the next few months, but once the new client is ready to have complete features added to it, we will have to discontinue it in order to progress further. Hair colors are significantly altered in Nin Online Inochi. This is temporary. The reason it's appearance is different is that we're using a new method of coloring the hairstyles that is much more performant and allows us to add many more hairstyles. We intend to make it so you're able to choose ANY hair color on the RGB spectrum in the future.
  18. Raitou

  19. Tsunade Hinode

  20. Seifer

    Being rogue is not a punishment. It is just a different life style. People go rogue for the freedom of bias leadership, no rules, or experience points. I believe RP for it simply wasn't bothered with because of there being no rules to not kill host and rogues are by their lonesome mechanic wise. RP is supposed to be a small group event, and rogues are not united with no rank system to have a knowledgeable member host it. Honestly it looks like the programming of the one thing at a time method lead to it being like this and being broadcasted as intended when in reality it was just how it ended up as. CBK is a pain to do compared to WW, but it does give good experience points. The way I see it, Rory put a high amount of kills required to complete the mission to counter the members of the game who farm alts. This in return punishes the rest of the community. There should be a better solution out there, but it would have to be written in code.
  21. Lumy

    I just want to know where people get that info from. ''Rogue is a punishment''. The punishment is already made by not having access to many RP and Village Event stuff and by being able to play actively with a small portion of people. I'd just like to see where did Rory said that because y'all seem to know better than him about the game. If you're not quoting the owner of the game say it you shouldn't make those statements it is what we called misinformation. Back to the subject. CBK which requires almost twice the amount of kill when we compare it to Waging War IV and they both give around the same XP. CBK is way harder to do for a rogue. Rogues get to kill more people but they're also vulnerable to every ninja in the ninja world (Unless you share an org).
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