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Ladies and gentlemen, the results have finally been made. It has taken quite some time to discuss these amazing screenshots and entries with our other staff members who have also voted and voiced their opinion. Without further ado here are your three winners of the Nin Online Screen Shot Contest.

First place:  @Ushu

Second place: @Crowlock

Third place: @Ram Mirana

Congratulations to these three ninja's who have submitted one of the best entries in this competition. I hereby present to you the three screenshots that have been chosen as the top three submissions:




Thank you all for participating everyone. We really appreciate all of your amazing entries as they were all fantastic. Some of the entries were made very creatively. Others included great roleplay on their captures as well. A few had great comedic sense and there were also screenshots with great scenery. Personally I really like all of the screenshots that have been submitted. Some seem to have taken quite some time and effort to make so I truly appreciate the great input you guys have been showing. That is why I definitely look forward to host more great events for the future with you all. I hope you've all enjoyed this competition everyone. Stay healthy and hope to see you all on the next event!

Kind regards,

Shirou (Emiya)

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