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 The thought of Mist being released this year has me extremely excited. It has been my favorite village for the longest time. Now I need to decide whether or not I'll go with pure Tai or Tai/Medic...choices.

  When all this is released I hope you give mastery resets, as-well as village resets (when mist is added). The only reason I would not join Mist is due to having to re-level my character. Just some stuff to think about as y'all move forward. 

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41 minutes ago, Rory said:

Second Non-ninja village
Takumi village is a smaller, non-ninja village. There are multiple of these planned for each country. Takumi village is in the land of rivers, ran by the Daimyo of the land. The next one is a slightly larger casino/gambling village inspired by Tanzaku Quarters (the village they found Tsunade in), which will feature ways to lose all your savings!

Im not gonna lie. This is my favorite out of all. Its time to get rich.

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