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This is a really useful list! Finding out the average prices of certain items could be confusing for a new player, so I can definitely see this coming in handy.

Here's what I'd add:

  • The price of blank scrolls (I think they go for about 200-300 ryo? I'm not entirely sure)
  • The price of sealable scrolls (I've seen people selling them a few times, but not often enough to be sure about the price for each tier. Sealable III may be 3k maybe? Don't take my word on this, I've never bought a scroll)
  • Information whether cash shop items are tradeable and if so, what the rates are (I actually don't know the answer to this question, but even if they aren't, I think this thread could be a good place for information about this) (if this thread is intended to be only about drops, ignore this and the previous point)
  • The price of drops like the double fan, twin fangs etc. (Double fan might be going for 5k? Again, unsure here. Sellback price is a little above 1k, 1250 maybe. Someone correct me if I'm wrong)
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Tunneler's Tongue: 5 Ryo

Scarab shell: 4 Ryo

Big Scarab Shell: 5 Ryo

Hawk talons: 7 ryo

Raccoon tails: 8 ryo

Bear Paw: 6 ryo

Grey Bear paw: 7 ryo




cig: 5kryo

gas mask: 5k ryo

Black Fan: ??? ryo

twin fans: ~5k ryo

Masurama (new sword): ??? ryo

Twin Fangs: 5k ryo

Bandit sword: ??? ryo

Bandit pants: ??? ryo

Blanc scroll: 250-350 ryo

Tier 1 scroll: 500-600 ryo

Tier 2 scroll: ~1k ryo

Tier 3 scroll: roughly 2k-3k ryo



DNA SAMPLE: 100-200 ryo --> 80 - 150 ryo

VENOM: 15-25 ryo --> 15-20 ryo

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6 minutes ago, Feinz Mirana said:

I think the cost of ceramic armor/gold armor and exclusives overall is completely subjective and shouldn't be given a stagnant price.

I agree that cosmetic items and weapons should stay as liquid, not really a huge supply demand for it. Niti's original post is describing monster loot, and should be limited to that. (maybe rare swords should be added)

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12 hours ago, alba hozuki said:


DNA SAMPLE: 100-200 ryo --> 80 - 150 ryo

VENOM: 15-25 ryo --> 15-20 ryo

I agree with venom not being worth more than 20

I disagree with DNA being worth so little. It's a very difficult mob to farm if you're not in a group, a max level fire user, or with a medic

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3 minutes ago, Niti said:

Thank you for all the kind feedback, everyone. I'm sort of busy with school, but I just updated the list and will try to continue updating it as frequently as possible.

Awesome <3 I added it to my signature now, so I'm having faith you'll keep it updated! ;) 

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1 hour ago, Opal Hozuki said:

Are Hawk Feathers really this expensive? I've seen them going for about 60-80 ryo each, and I feel like they're much easier to get/have less utility than DNA.

The price was made during a time, when lots of people were farming the hawks. And the hawk feathers had/still have an incredibly low drop rate. I'm sure that slowly, but surely, the price on the feathers will change. I just personally do not know whether they have changed or not.


 @Kuraen Rumaki: Oh right, thanks! I had almost forgotten about that. I will add it in with no price as of now, since no value is established so far, seeing as only Indra has it. Do you happen to know the name of the sword? If not, I'll just add it as "Indra's Sword" for now.

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