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Feature Large Resolutions & Zoom

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Dear Ninja,

As time goes on and screen technology becomes more insane, we want the game to look the way it should. It was quietly introduced, but if you see the settings in the Launcher, there is now a checkbox labelled "Zoom". This is a compatibility feature meant for people with resolutions 1440p and higher. If you have a 1440p or 4K monitor, you may want to consider player the game in this mode so that you can actually see your characters.

What Zoom Mode does is that it renders half the amount of pixels eg instead of 2000x2000 pixels, just 1000x1000 pixels, and scales it to your full 2000x2000 display. This brings the game closer to you and lets you see characters in full detail rather than as ants on your high resolution display.

This is similar to a feature commonly seen in other games known as Resolution Scale. Where the game engine renders only a percentage of the total number of pixels and scales it up to the full resolutions, and using anti-aliasing and other techniques to try to maintain fidelity. This is typically done to maintain a stable framerate as not many graphics cards can support games at high resolutions. For 1440p and 4K gaming, you typically need atleast a GTX1080 for 60fps gaming or it's AMD equivalent. Not many people have such hardware at their disposal.


Sometimes less is more.

Personally I use a 34inch 1440p Ultrawide monitor and with Nin Online in full screen, characters and jutsu become impossible to discern, everything just looks like ants. The issue isn't just high resolution, it's high pixel density. So I've begun using this Zoom Mode to be able to see the art clearer and also maintain a stable FPS. Nin Online was never meant to be played as an Ant Simulator!!


If you find yourself in a situation like this where you characters are too tiny, you may consider ticking Zoom on your launcher!
Good job @Seth


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