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Hello everybody! I am pleased to announce that my first official event will be on the forums! I hope everyone likes it and has fun! :)

How it works:

This will act as a metaphor type of game. To participate, you must comment below the best metaphor you can think of that involves an aspect of Nin Online.  

Example: The ninja was so ___ he could ___.


1st place: 15 coupons

2nd place: 10 coupons

3rd place: 5 coupons

The best comments will win!

Event length:

This event will end a week from now. (9/02/2018)

I hope all of you have fun! Good luck to all.

(credits to @Persona Kurama for the idea!)

(A metaphor is when you compare 2 things not using the words like or as)

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Smh. Give Mich a break, he doesn't have the power/authority to implement new maps nor mechanics in-game. His role is Game Master which is to host events. Forum events are separate from games events. If you are lucky he will do both so don't discourage him. I don't know about others, but I want more things to do. If you got event/forum suggestions just pm him and I'm sure he'll take it into consideration as he did mine.

Also, he said any metaphor relating to Nin so like: The Ninja wolfed down his danger dango.

I won't participate or accept reward though because it was my idea.


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Not even half of these are metaphors. Lemme give you an example; "It's raining men". It's not litterally raining with men, but is usually said when lots of men are around, or a lady has lots of men around her etc.
Or like "She was fishing for some compliments". She's not litterally fishing for compliments, but we all know what she's looking/hinting at.

Only thing those entries are gonna be fishing, is a few likes. Ain't gonna catch a win. ;) 

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