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6 hours ago, Niro said:

Not even half of these are metaphors. Lemme give you an example; "It's raining men". It's not litterally raining with men, but is usually said when lots of men are around, or a lady has lots of men around her etc.
Or like "She was fishing for some compliments". She's not litterally fishing for compliments, but we all know what she's looking/hinting at.

Only thing those entries are gonna be fishing, is a few likes. Ain't gonna catch a win. ;) 

Oh damn, I didn’t realize people were actually trying to win. I thought we were all making jokes to be completely honest. -.-

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Ever since a few Akatsuki got banned and Shinobi Striker came out Takumi has been like a black hole.. Empty but somehow sucking everyone in from Leaf and Sand.

Ninja Tool NPC Benki is melting from the lava hot RYO that he gets. The ryo doesn't even have time to cool off from the factory its made in before it's given to him for tools.

Neo Akatsuki Cloaks have flying Nimbus as there logo.(I know its not a metaphor but its a fun fact :D)

Nin Online is like Digimon...Take forever digitize and when it does only1 thing changes....It's name

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For our war:

Where leaves gently float, sand scatters - And where sand slumbers, leaves burn. 


It takes a hand full of seeds to fight the desert, a forest wouldn't stand a chance. 


For the update we all want:

Only a stroll through time can tell if the upcoming ocean will be a pleasant tsunami or a disastrous creek.



And a bonus:

Ninonline is the apple of our eye. Sometimes a sea of sorrows, mostly a blanket of clouds. For those that know the ropes, the early birds, to the rookies that lose their mind and soul. Those with cold feet to the night owls. They pass the point of no return, diving into the nin realm. All looking for the smell of succes as they gather heaps of courage to fight through walls of uncertainty until they swim in knowledge. Living a dream until the bitter end. 

How many metaphors are in that? hahaha!! Sorry I had to. 

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