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Dear Ninja,

As of today we're putting a new feature into testing, it may or may not drastically improve your frame rate depending on your situation. However, I'm hopeful from initial tests that this will help many of you with previously low frame rates or only decent frame rates. Previously, the game was running in DirectX8 which in itself has quite some compatibility issues with modern Windows systems. We now have the game running with DirectX9 as the renderer, abeit through the work of a wrapper, which means the API calls are all done through DirectX9 API calls now.

In my personal case, FPS was almost doubled throughout the game, and it's now more playable in 3440x1440 (3K Ultrawide) for me.


DirectX8 (1080P)
Leaf Village: 40-57 FPS
Valley of the End: 40-50 FPS
Chakra Forest / Forest of Ambushes: 50-55 FPS

DirectX9 (1080P)
Leaf Village: 97-100 FPS (My monitor is capped at 100hz Refresh Rate)
Valley of the End: 80-85 FPS
Chakra Forest / Forest of Ambushes: 90-100 FPS (My monitor is capped at 100hz Refresh Rate)

DirectX8 (3K Ultrawide)
Leaf Village: 14-25 FPS

DirectX9 (3K Ultrawide)
Leaf Village: 43-48 FPS

PS: Do note that if your monitor is capped at 60hz Refresh Rate, the game will cap at 60 FPS. Anything above doesn't display because your monitor can only show 60 new images a second.

Hope you enjoy this update!


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