design Playstyles Part II: Medical Ninjutsu Mastery

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Medical Ninjas in the Naruto series are both some of our favorite characters and some of our most hated. On one end we have people hating on Sakura and Ino who's feats until the Great Ninja War seemed forced in there to give them some relevance, on the other hand you have Tsunade who everyone universally agrees is a bad ass because of her medical Ninjutsu feats. 

As I mentioned in the previous dev log. Not all Masteries are meant to be as good at PvP or PvE. Some Masteries trade these abilities greatly for utility. Some masteries trade long-term survivability for short term damage output.

Nin Online's inspiration for what Medical Ninja should feel like comes from a bunch of different characters. Firstly, we have two sub-paths that we want players to balance between. Here's a list of characters that you should feel like as you go towards that path.

Full support Medic - Rin

Poison Attack Medic - Kabuto

When you get combined Masteries, and advanced Masteries.. 

Full Support Medic (Advanced Medic /w CHK) - Tsunade level medical Ninjutsu

Advanced Poison Ninjutsu (Advanced Medic /w INT) - Ibuse

Medical and Taijutsu User (Medic + Taijutsu) - Tsunade

In total this is 5 different modes of medics we want to balance for. There will be people who choose to take Medic + Water still, and it won't be that bad because you'd have limited amount of jutsu slots which you will fill up with not just Medic and Water jutsu, but also hidden jutsu, clan jutsu and summoning jutsu in the future. 

Full Support Medics are not supposed to feel as viable in combat as other ninja. Except when you use Chakra Scalpels. Essentially, you're supposed to feel like a one trick pony as a pure support medic, when it comes to damage output. You are the support of your team, and Chakra Scalpels should allow you to push out damage and defend yourself temporarily while your team is too preoccupied. So you are basically Rin. 

Poison Attack Medics are supposed to be less viable in combat than a typical class in terms of pure damage output, but relies on poisons to get an upper hand in extended fights, where you tire out the opponent. As of now, this and full support medics are a little far from its original design.

Cursed Seals are artificial sage modes. It is when unnaturally implanted kinjutsu and senjutsu is granted to its user.

I have a theory that it was originally intended for Sasuke to have gained what his affinity towards Hawks and a potentially scrapped Hawk sage mode to him early by orochimaru. Which explains why he gains Hawk-like features when he gained his Cursed Seal form (hawk eyes, wings and a beak like Mark on his face). This was probably scrapped in order for Jiraiya, Orochimaru and Tsunade to have the same Summons as Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura. All the Sound 4 have Summons and artificial sage modes where they gain marks, just like Naruto does when he enters sage mode. But as the game is inspired more by Naruto than Shippuden, this is what we're going for. 

Cursed Seals in Nin Online will be an optional addition instead of ordinary Summons and Sage Modes that will require you to leave your village and learn from an evil ninja. However, as this is very far off, and I know people love Cursed Seals and its a large part of the series, I include them as part of the attack medic's kit for now. But this is the full vision of what Cursed Seals will be eventually. 

Advanced Poison Ninja are based on Hanzo, Torune and some freaky Ninjutsu like Orochimaru. You will get deadlier poisons which do different things, slow your enemies, damage them, silence them etc. There were initially plans for poison immunities, but that has been scrapped because such easy hard counters are not fun. 

A medicine making system is planned for medical ninja to use ingredients to make pills which can then be sold or used by allies. 

In conclusion, while medical ninja are meant to be very different from what they currently are, and as time goes by, this will be what it becomes. In the meanwhile, I do want them to be as fun as possible and provide unique gameplay, like having cursed seals.

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Good plans.

Chakra Medics are busted in all aspects besides large amount mob PvE (tigers, bears, snakes). Overpowered, nothing like Rin.. more like... HASHIRAMA SENJU THE OG MEDIC GOD THAT HEALED HIMSELF WITHOUT WEAVING ANY JUTSU SIGNS UNLIKE TSUNADE. That's me.

Still like the new plans and that medics will take a different and more unique approach.


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This is very good actually, what I would like to know however is what do you think of allowing all the people who are medic and did not chose taijutsu to have an advanced mastery from this idea.

For instance as you said in the topic a lot of people go Water+Medic which will result in them never being able to get a fusion, but what if you allow them to be able to chose Advanced Medical(INT). They would have a weaker version due to splitting of stats but they won't be left behind in the update. This is more for the majority of people who are Medic + Water/Wind/Fire/Earth/Lightning/Weapons. 

 That being said Medic+Weapons definitely sounds like Hanzou to me, where one can learn to coat their blade in poison (Which silences on impact) have a better version of poison fog and finally a new application of poison where the poison gets stronger the more a person runs to a cap. All just an idea thank you for reading.


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Everyone has always had to restart to redo their class, with very few if every any type of class reset exceptions. If you chose water medic you should be stuck as water medic and made to restart, just like everybody else...

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