Ready, Snap, Go! (Screenshot Contest)


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16 hours ago, Nefarious said:

When being in Akatsuki actually meant something: 


Left to right: @Niti, @Mell, @Crowlock, @Nefarious, @Shirou, @Booty Gang Captain, @Marino, @Meth, @Endeavor, @Sarus

Honorable mentions of previous org members that didn't make it into this picture: @Yukimura, @Magatama, @Shissei


And one more because I love it so much:


@Sylver, @MankZz Senpou, @Dread Senpou, @Tomura Shigaraki, @Niti, @Yukimura, @Nefarious

I think those are the ones in this screen shot. Could be wrong though. @Yamikami was cropped out because we needed Tomura in the middle. Still love you tho

I wasnt in PK when you took this SS

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1st: Jakusha squading up in bounty.


Second: Sand Military Police Force squading up for a hunt!


Third: Chilling with my buds.


Fourth: Rare Jakusha gathering with Rory.


Fifth: Hiding in tanzaku while hunting.


Sixth: Dueling a Weapon master/Fan wielder in toads. (see levels don't decide everything)



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A Snowy Christmas in Sand

Spying on Leaf as I sneak to kill the Hokage(Don't see me? Good that means the job was a success)
Leaf.png.f1a2f1830c0eb4d88d4a901c84f5dc02.pngDeathmall.png.7f8f93d6bbf94bef45d62e3324a9fe4c.pngThe Assassination

Daimyo Said to take the trash out                                                                           A God being asked to bless the game by some new players.

Thanks for the good times Rory...I say you because you're the reason the game is still alive...Content Mist Bug FIxes HUE HUE Keep working Hard and ill keep stacking kills on my hating competition

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Lol hey friends i decided to add some comedic appeal to a Tour of the Land of toads lol, i hope you guys enjoy
Come on You have to admit this looks like a pretty tasty Pastry

Some of my Friends say i look like Kermit the Frog /cry


After hearing that Suitomo hasnt laughed in years, i decided to humor him with a freestyle joking session (10/10 joke)

Why do all these hawks remind me of @Hawkly


You ever look at your reflection and think, Damn youre handsome asf, and forget what you were even fighting about then come to an understanding yes i have too.



Me contemplating what sick bored person who wants to win this competition would come up with these puns 

I hope you guys enjoyed this little collage lol even if it doesnt win it all i hope it atleast made you Grin, Laugh or Cringe!

As always Peace Love and Positvity -Pakuro

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