Ready, Snap, Go! (Screenshot Contest)


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 Ok, so a few more screens from the life of Leaf Medic - Tekkey Hinode. As Indra pointed out - probably should have thought about it sooner, but this account might benefit more from the shark skin (if I even win one).  #FishSect #TouringMist


 6. The famous Leaf's four ninja roleplaying "team MacDom" decided to throw a surprise birthday party in the Harbor Village for one of it's members @Yamamoto Takeshi (to the utter annoyance of the self appointed mayor of said village @Kyreno ). Several ninja were entrusted with the secret and tasked with preparing an ambush, while team MacDom was luring Yama into the appointed place. Needless to say, he was shocked.


7. To say more - this player made event united the community for a short while, and Leaf, Sand and Missing ninja celebrated together. Of course it didn't go without some muscle flexing... quite literally. Behold the first (that i know at least) two Kage's arm wrestling contest! (mostly roleplayed through /e)yamabd2.thumb.jpg.535e7a0a793ec40ab982baa789fd11b6.jpg

8. This time it was @Itama Date's win. Though he was aided with the mysterious sand priest magic (he used his inherent Fuuton jutsu, you see ;) ) and @Kuraen Vali didn't use his Dragon powers, so you know... we all await all out round two of their contest


Ps. Special thanks to the (valiantly roleplaying) Mayor of the Harbor Village - Kyreno, for

not kicking us from his domain.



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9. Another player-made event was the april's combat simulation hosted by Leaf's ANBU under the supervision of the Lord 5th @Fritzo. After we [classified], our goal was to [classified]. It was overall very fun exercise and a good lesson for the future [classified]. :O5cf86a4468a84_anbuevent.thumb.jpg.4637b2371cb3e1c04e76ff2cc15500bf.jpg

10. One of the best prepared and lenghty self made and unofficial rp missions was "The Adopting of Sushi" organized by @Yamamoto Takeshi and our Hinode clan. The request made by the world class chef to be protected by the Leaf's ninja while he travels to mourn his father, on the place that he once commited suicide, turned out to be a biiiiit more complicated than just routine mission. And as @Dr Sushi commited himself ro roleplaying his grief and mourning, he was so convincing Detective @Steezo of the Leaf's Military Police felt the need to intervene... :)


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Guest Kitsun3
6 hours ago, Ori said:

LOL i had forgotten this happened O.O

what do you even remember @Takami ought to maintain a proper draft folder of ur activities for you smh.


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Good job everyone! I really enjoyed seeing all the screenshots. It brings me so much joy to just see groups of friends come together to take nice screenshots and just memories of the past.

One of your screenshots, the last one is of poor quality, is there a full res?

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