Suna Laws under Thirteenth

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Suna Laws

1.  Do not kill or attack another Sand Ninja for any reason.

  • This includes directly causing them to die with manipulating surroundings (such as leading a bunch of mobs to them and then cloaking away)
  • This does not include killing them in a mutually agreed upon spar.


2. You must aid a fellow Sand Ninja if they or the village is being attacked (means u have to help every Sandie regardless of who started on Sand Territory) no matter who it is.  If they are the ones who attacked as first (out of Sand Territory) it all depends on situation, enemy, place and the reason - that case will be solved individually! Sand territory means every map west from Big Desert (from coyotes above tunnelers included).

  • Do not place a bounty on a Sand Ninja.
  • Do not assist the enemy against Sand Ninja in any way.


3. Verbal harassment is not tolerated. If someone is breaking Nin Online rules, take it up
with the GM's. It's not the player's responsibility to deal with this. (Do note, SMPF officers
are able to jail you for general toxicity). Two jailing's result in a strike. Three strikes is an


4. Respect and follow the commands of your ranked superiors. As well as members of
organizations such as ANBU, SMPF in uniform. When asked to do the following, do it.
Failure to obey can result in a jailing:
Examples of Commands:

  • Attack/stop attacking *name of person*
  • Stop following me.
  • Tell me what happened.
  • Take off your mask.


5. You must respect the village and its members.


6. Above all, respect and follow the orders of the Kazekage. These are general rules to
follow, the severity of punishments are to be decided after meetings.


7.(During your playtime, please make sure to abide by the game’s term of service).


8. "New alt - new life" rule.

If you have Leaf/Mist/Missing alt and are attacking Sandies on this alt or raiding Sand Village, you will be kicked from Sand Discord and from any official orgs in Sand.

You can defend yourself on this alt if attacked first by a Sandie. This doesn't concern situations when you're attacked first when you're hunting with a group of enemies - you will be punished as above if you attack Sandies, unless you didn't know it's a Sandie.

Your Sand character won't be exiled or jailed for this unless proven that you're helping enemies on Sand char in some way (spying, healing etc.).


Characters from Peace List are treated as Sand Villagers in these rules.


Note: Most of these laws are traditional Sand Laws, along with some implementations of my own.
(Please also make sure to read details displayed on the Sand Village Noticeboard, for village
announcements, events, more laws, etc). Details of punishments and so on, will be stated within
meetings with the individual. Questions regarding these laws or any specific scenarios, please
feel free to contact me or my advisory council.


Best Regards

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