design Wolf's Development Log #1

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Hello Ninja!

My name is Wolf, I'm the new Developer working on Nin, My jobs currently consists of remaking the software powering Nin Online and then further upgrading it!

Some of you may already know me, and may have even played on the new server I made..

The new test server which as I write this is online and fully playable, Is a completely rewritten server built with modern development tools. I wont go deep into the technical details about this now, But basically both performance and stability will hopefully be greatly improved, but most importantly it'll break us free from limitations placed on us by the old engine which is extremely dated. We plan to replace the server application as soon as we can.

However an exact date is unknown as of now, as we have a few more issues to work out. This upgrade will not wipe any existing data, don't worry! The plan is to install this new server without affecting the game in any way besides improved performance initially, and then further improve it from there.

If that's all old news to you, that the server is being remade, read on!
This development log is actually not just about the server.

We're also going to be previewing the new client in development using the Unity Engine!
The new client is still heavily in development, but already has improvements from the current one.

Some Clips:

Some Pictures:


unknown (2).png

Looking at these images and videos you may think its just a weird stripped down version of Nin Online, and that's kind of what it is at the moment.

It has a long way to go, But this new client already includes some things the old client could never do, No spoilers ;) But the biggest thing we've noted, is performance! This client idles on around 300+ fps on my machine in Leaf Village, to give you an idea just how much better that is, the old client runs at 40-50 fps on my machine. That being said, not everything is loaded at the moment.

So whats done so far?
It may look simple enough, display some graphics, make a character walk around, but this isn't what the client is doing..
The client can connect to the server, Load all the server data, see Maps, walk around, attack, See other players, see NPC's, fight NPC's, see animations and effects, and some other minor things.

There's still a lot that isn't implemented such as NPC Dialogues, Projectiles, Chat, Inventory, Hotbar, Targetting, Jutsu and all the menus just to name a few. So don't expect this client to replace yours any time soon.

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!


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We all have been complaining on how laggy the server is. While it’s being worked on, this is a disgraceful behaviour and we should be more appreciative about the work that is being done.

Thank you

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Good to know that there is process being made towards a better performing client and server.

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It's always lovely to see one of your favorite games being led to a stable future, wish you all the best luck.

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Wolf putting in work, nins future looks better than ever with this. Good stuff man

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