Imperial Academy and Mist Village's Festival.


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Hello fellow Mist Villagers!

I am glad to announce the new joint event that will be hosted next Saturday at 12 PM EST{23rd of May} by Mist higher-ups and Imperial Academy, the event will be a culmination of events, having both PvP and RP aspects, details are given below.

Mizukage's Speech{The Beginning Of The festival}:-

First Mizukage will start off the event with a small speech of motivation and will give his Shadow Council to state the general events that will take part in the festival, their time and hosts, lastly the Founder and Headmaster of the academy will give respective speeches and will start the festival with Enrollment exams.

Note: This will take place at 12 PM EST.

Enrollment Exams:-

Hosted by Imperial academy itself, will be an event consisting of both PvP and RP aspects. The pass outs for these exams will be granted Initiate Students rank in the academy and will receive tutoring from hand picked teachers by Mizukage/Founder/Headmaster.

Note: This event will take place right after the speech.
Level Requirements: 12 level or above.

Capture The Flag Event:-

Consisting of three rounds, three-man team, the genins under level 35 will be allowed to participate in the event and will be rewarded on their performances.

Note: This event will take place right after the Enrollment Exams.
Level Requirements: 35 level or below.

Break of 15 minutes.

Senior Students Exam:-

After the break, one of the most important exams/events of this festival will start, the exams to decide the potential candidates to hold important postions in academy and they will be nurtured heavily. The Initiate students who are level 35 or above are allowed to participate in the exams.

Note: This event will take place right after the break.
Level Requirements: 35 level or above.

Fishing Event:-

To lighten the mood of the festival an RP event will be held and all mist villagers will be allowed to participate, following the traditions of their ancestors, they will fish in the flowing rivers around the mist village. Best RP'ers will be rewarded.

Note: This event will take place right after the Senior Students' Exam.

Break of 45 minutes, other ranked mist ninjas can use this time to host their own events.

Mist Tournament:-

Mist Festival will end with 1vs1 Single elimination tournament for 41-60 levels and 20-40 levels.

Lastly, if you're not yet part or in the Academy's Discord, you can PM me on forums and I will invite you.



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Due to some unforeseen events, the remaining of the festival shall be hosted tomorrow, starting from the Senior exams.

Some screenshots from the festival...well only two for now..I'll take more tomorrow..

Enrollment Exams:




I managed to finish up with 3 more events are there screenshots..

Senior Students' Exam:


Fishing Event:


Mist 20-40 Tournament:


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More screenshots from today's events from festival.
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7 minutes ago, 420LMAO said:

Nice choreo on those pics xD

Thank you. ;)

Important Announcement: The Mist Only Tournament for 41-60 levels will be held on the upcoming Saturday at 2 PM EST.


                 10$ Credits for First place winner in 41-60 level tournament.
                 5$ Credits for Second place winner in 41-60 level tournament.
                 3k Ryo for Third place winner in 41-60 level tournament.
                 Certain amount of ryo for participants if we have enough.

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