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So some of you liked and still like my songs but can't download them. Look no further ill post most the songs I still have on my laptop here and some songs that I haven't posted on youtube here dating all the way back to when I first started off of a beat made by Aghilla :P

Nin Online Freestyle.m4a  - My very First Song when Aghilla still played "This is Nin Online"

Nin Bars.mp3 - When I use to make Freestyles for fun before I became a try hard :P

Takumi CHeck in.mp3 - Another freestyle about killing Leaf on a Monday aw dam its doomsday

Nin Online Song.mp3  - A song I made when Jessica was still a good Gm and thanks to the Staff @Rory @Seth @Wolf @Serias @Master Ant @Sezu

jun on tbe track.mp3 - When Tetsu was Kage and Slaughter was being a suck up in Sand and I didn't care for Sand anymore

jun off the track.mp3 - When I stopped rapping for a bit

they mad.mp3 - When I had 5000 blanks and the community was always mad  and I was a chakra medic

self destruct.mp3 - When I was making diss tracks against those that made diss tracks against me. Listen to the lyrics tho

bbbbboom.mp3 - A song about Slaughter that I made which was a diss towards him and he liked it :)

Non-Nin-Rap-GOd.mp3 - Yall thought I was done? I came back with new songs NIn Rap God is Here

jjjjjjjj.mp3 - Guess who back Jun on the - People talking down on my name

When my Org Yaku was around and we did not one but Two 30 minute raid 1 on mist and 1 on leaf.

The Greatest.mp3 - Song 1
Unchained.mp3 - Song 2 "water bullet hit him 3 times check on his body he not doing fine" Taka Diss~

Damn_You_Taka_-_Alarnin_feat_Pachi.mp3 - Alarnin wanted to make a song so I decided to for fun

3 AM.mp3 - Had to meditate and my thoughts were rapping to me (2020 unreleased song)

Beast out the Chamber.mp3 - Made this song as a tribute to pop smoke(2020 unreleased song)

Never Cared.mp3 - When a lowbie said he had bis.. "pull up on a noobie take his bounty then I dash"

Weapon Master Diss.mp3 - When the weapon master meta started I made this song out of salt.(unreleased 2018)

Pain Song1.mp3 - Current favorite song (2020 unreleased song)

yaya.mp3 - Another Nin only OTS from 2018

Bitch Bitch.mp3 - a freestyle I made for fun

Run it up.mp3 - Another fun freestyle

Unfortunately I don't have the song "been about the smoke because when I made it first thing I did was send it to rumaki to make a video for Akatsuki however I do have the raw audio of me rapping enjoy!


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