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I remember long ago when there were no stat requirements there was a patch in which it was made so that when you had a Fan equipped you were unable to cast jutsu from other elements, you could only use the jutsu from the Fan mastery. This change was made cause such hybrids were much stronger than people who did not have access to the weapon. 

A lot of people cried when this happened since at the time there was no shared cooldown or stat requirements and such hybrids were very popular so the change was reverted. Since there are shared cooldowns and stat requirements now people do not do those hybrids anymore and instead only take the weapon and perhaps the first jutsu of the sub path.

This is still a huge advantage over people who do not have a weapon like Fan/Pipe. I think the same change should be done now since almost the whole playerbase agrees that those weapons should not be usable by people who do not play the actual sub path. To prevent people from swapping the weapon on and off, weapons should have a 1 second run cast time to be equipped/unequipped.

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Running cast to change weapon is a nice idea

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