7th Anniversary Celebration!


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Dear Ninja,

In the spirit of Nin Online reaching 7 years of development, and 3 years of live service, we are doing a humble event to celebrate another year of Nin Online~

As a throwback, I'm inviting you to take a nostalgia dive to our first ever anniversary post from 2014..

Things were certainly different back then!
This year we're going to be doing 3 small things as part of the big celebration.

Free Gold Neck Protector
For all existing Gold Ninja & Silver Ninja, and for all those who become Gold/Silver before the end of August 2020, you are entitled to receive a free Gold Neck Protector from the cash shop. This is in the same spirit as the Gold Forehead Protectors given to all Gold Ninja from before August 2013. Where the very first few initial supporters of the game donated to the game when it was but an alpha announcement.

Although it wasn't a grand sum of money to receive back then, it gave me what I needed to push the game into alpha with a decent server and pay for our upkeep costs through the development early on. For that, Gold Ninja and Silver Ninja will always hold a special place in my heart and in the legacy of Nin Online for being the pioneers of the game. What better way then to all have an item to symbolize "I was here".

Time-Exclusive Cosmetic

To celebrate our 7th Anniversary, we are going to be selling a limited time only cosmetic item - White Jira Vest! The Jira Vest is a new series of items from 2020 so it's fitting it receives a special version for 2020.


The White Jira Vest will be on sale from 1st
 August - 31st August. After it's sale, it will not be available for purchase anymore ever again, but will be tradeable in-game so that players can continue to pass it down to future players.

GM Riddle Me This (For Free Stat Resets)
We will also have a mini-event for everyone to play with our GM team. If you want to win a free stat reset (one per player), each GM has been given a limited amount of coupon codes that will give you a free Stat Reset from the cash shop. As long as you can hunt them down and bug them to give you a riddle!

If you can answer it there and then, you will be given the code and you can use it to claim a stat reset from the cash shop here..!

So far GMs @Erox @Kenock @Serias have each been given 10 Coupons..! 
@TheWolf is holding 2 with him. More coming soon? We'll see!

First I'd like to apologize for the delay when it came to this event, we've really had a lot on our plates recently pushing the new server, and all the updates since. As you may guess, this has been a lot of work and as such, celebrations took a back seat. I know I'm not the only one who is joyful about another great year for Nin Online, and the ones to come, so I should know not to be too sluggish on getting this out.. :D 

We still have a lot in stall in the coming months and years, so as always, look forward to another great year for Nin Online, and if you're new here.. Welcome to the community!



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started playing this game on 2016 on another account, even with the breaks i took i cant leave this game definitely, this game is so niche but yeat so amazing sometimes apart from all the turbulences it went through, i think i will play it till its end, rory, although you do some bad decisions sometimes i gotta admit nin is the best game of this kind.

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Yo yo, I joined the Nin community in 2015. Played off and on waiting for Nin to improve over the years. I've tried to support when I could , and I'll continue to support when I can. I appreciate the hard work and dedication to creating a home for us Ninja. I have genuine love and respect for you guys and y'all work.

P.S. Can you drop Kimimaro inspired robes and hair next? lol gotta get  that in there...


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