Shogyo no Sato ( mini village suggestion)

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i had this in mind for a while now... there it is


Shōgyō no(commercial) Sato(village) 

is a village located on one of the islands in the land of water. People who made it back from there say it got everything you need but the way there is too dangerous, the Wind is violent and there are no boats that goes there because of the dangerous journey. There is one guy that lives in the asoki village who always make it back from there he can give you a ride for the right amount of money or for valuable goods else if you're a ninja you can try running there but most of the ones who've tried ran out of chakra mid- way and drown and the ones that made it back tell stories about something terrifying in the sea. Shogyo no Sato is populated by rich merchants, successful bandits, robbers and scammers. The rich merchants used strong and huge commerce ships to sell their goods, the bandits would usually sneak into one of those  to get to the island after stealing something precious, But after the last great ninja war a violent hurricane destroyed the port and greatly damaged the commerce ships. The rich merchants are upset and are trying to rebuild the port as soon as possible most of the bandits who got there got wealthy working on rebuilding the port, you might wanna go there too just make it back alive !


This is a layout (kinda) i made of the shyogo village



1 : Shyogo no sato's great library : They say this library contain important information about the ninja world and also records of legends of the past, The bounty book record ( book with top 10 of high bounty records ) , the book with the top 10 most ninjas killed and so on..  There are also some rumors that says you can find information about the great villages special forces (anbu etc.. ) but no one that i know ever found this book so i'm not sure. Oh and they also have a record of past akatsuki members and leaders don't let anyone catch you with any of these valuable information, you will regret it. 


2:  The abandoned manor : I don't know what's in there, no one never made it back.


3: The holy church : probably the only church you will find on this island, they claim helping the poor and ask for donations ( it's a scam don't fall for it! don't let them know you know this detail they will send " holy " assassins) . They also worship the "gods" of the abandoned Manor and if you break their rules they will  offer a sacrifice to these "gods" and it will be you.


4: The market : this place is where you will find everything you need!! from illegal pills that boost your strength in exchange for your health to  sweet lollipops you will find everything you need

{ the market's npcs :
 Okida : he's one of the successful bandits who got to this island he will buy any ninja sword, fan and pipe for a slightly higher price than the other places and then he will sell them for a way higher price 

Kitsune : well i don't know where she's from but she will sell you any type of bandages you want for an extremely high price of course they were hard to steal after all

wunta : are you hungry? she will feed you.... you've got a lot of money on you ? she will scam you

Ketsuken : He likes collecting ninja tools. Sell you special tools? i don't know, maybe. watch out, don't get scammed

Manku : he's an awesome bald boy and if you bring him a bunch of rubbish he will sell you a fake genin or chuunin paper promotion for the right price. i have no idea if they actually work but don't trust him 
zunetsu : if you bring him you kunai he will sell you a stronger one, well.. that what he always 
says. Be cautious!

kuzukan : he's a little shady but he's got the good stuff ! illegal pills !!

Fuzan : he collects scrolls, sell him a few scrolls he will make you a reverse summoning scroll. Yes you have to pay him money after giving him scrolls, smh what a scam! don't know if his reverse summoning scroll actually works so don't try it


5: The nice guy farm : There's a nice guy there and he will buy any animal part you bring him for a slightly higher price that the others. He will also sell you a lot of animal  of animal parts that you won't find nowhere else. He will buy brown bear paws for a good price too those are rare.

6: granny mahiu's green house : there's a lovely old lady there as soon as you enter she's gonna ask you to go get her animal parts and plants for her medicines and they are also great !


7: shogyo's hospital : it looks like a normal hospital but there's a lot of crazy stuff under it. if you let them kill you and use your body for researches and experiments they will give you some money, not sure what you're gonna do with money once you're dead but believe it or not some people fell for it

8: construction area : they are trying to rebuild a port there, you might find a job or something to do there i heard they pay well.

9: Mike's Arena : there's a guy called Mike there and he's extremely strong if you beat him in a spar he will give you some stolen taijutsu manuals that he stole from the hidden leaf but first you have to pay him for the spar, Good luck !

10 : The council : this is a place where the rich folks meet up if you're a strong ninja you can visit them they will give you some dirty jobs to do.

Uncle ishi : he's an old man that visits the village once in a week or so, he only stays in the village for an hour but he sells extremely rare goods for a lot of money he usually only visit the rich folks since only them can afford his goods.

Shogyo no sato perks


 Items yous sell have slightly higher price there but swords are special for okida so he will give u a little more ryo for them. the same thing goes for the nice guy and animal parts. 


this is only a suggestion, an idea i had none of this is actually going to be added

i made this map using this


me no talk english, english not perfect 

tell me what yall think <3


NewIcogram 2020-08-26 09_44 (1).png

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Really like the description you set for Shogyo Village as well as the side missions for it. It must've taken you some time to create the blueprint layout for the village as an example, awesome work Ruma.

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Very dope concept and map design, I feel this will be great start for a new quest line and new item to get introduced in to game if this village is implemented.

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We need more of this lol the game is getting pretty stale farming the same stuff, love this concept and hope it comes with alot more mobs etc... good stuff man

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Thanks for taking the time to write this. It's cool inspiration, and fun ideas to play with with the background story.

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