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After reading the post made by @Gilgamesh on profession many ideas came to my mind as I wanted more things in-game other than PVP so I made this post that gives more detail on the fishing profession.

Gilgamesh post ->


Features for Fishing

1. Fishing pole and leveling system -> you can buy a starter fishing pole in your starting village and equip it the same way as a sword/kunai but the catch is that it can be leveled as well through use same as a Jutsu does(Screenshot_51.png.ba7bcb0e97f3e4e2f150bd143af01047.png)but if you trade the fishing rod the level you gained on it resets.


2. PvE included -> I didn't want to make the profession boring just by pressing z again and again so I think a PVP aspect to it can be good such as if you are fishing mobs can appear to attack you.

example -> packs of fox appearing while fishing or pack of boars


3.Drops and reward system -> while fishing many drops can be found that can be used to either sell to a cook for preparing food or used in certain mission as Rory said that there will be a lot more NPC mission with new missions in future, further there can be special drops that can be used to craft weapons or clothes 

4. Places where you can fish ->you can fish by standing on either top of the water or near it.


further, you can fish in places like this where you can't go


all places with water can be used for fishing even the smaller one


but something like this where its obvious you can't fish will be out of reach


New missions and content

1. Help the fishing market refill supplies -> the fishing market in trouble they need your help in refilling their stock as all the fishermen left for some unknown reason.


I want this mission to be fun and a chain of events mission like toad quest that mainly focuses on Ryo or some other supply as a reward that can be used elsewhere or maybe even gave you a new fishing rod as a gift.



2. Royal lunch ->the queen of the land of fire needs lunch but the chef ran out of ingredients your job is to provide raw materials to the royal chef as the queen like fishes your job is to bring the ingredients required.


I want this mission to be hard and rewarding as well with high exp similar to how Kraken and on top of that you also get a new title as a reward. Many of the fishes will be found near tanzaku.


3. Help Kibari fill his boat -> Kibari a famous fisherman is in trouble many of his good is stolen but he is busy right now fishing a rare fish in the mist lands so he wants you to get specific fishes and help him restock all 3 of his boats he will give you 3 mission for each boat.


This is a starter fishing mission but an easter egg is hidden here at the end of helping him he will still not be able to found the rare fish he was looking for after the mission players can fish near there and if they found the fish which will be quite rare can give it to Kibari and have themself a new fishing rod which is better. 

4. Kraken meat -> An NPC in the sand needs Kraken meat but he only trusts Fishermans that's why he took your help and wants you to kill Kraken tentacle and bring back his meat.


 in the update a new change is made so that if you are in the map where Kraken resides(Screenshot_36.png.d1921b6f2b2f41ab7385fdc585446818.png) you can fish a Kraken tentacle and kill it this will greatly help non mist ninja the new mechanic and then fisherman will be hired for this kind of jobs.


 also, there is a chance that you will fish a new mob in Kraken map which is called regenerating Kraken tentacle it's weak compared to regular tentacle but killing it gives you a drop called Kraken regeneration fluid which can be used in future mission for exp.

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