Itachi Uchiha

Black Jack table at Tanzaku

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7 minutes ago, Itachi Uchiha said:

As the title says, add a blackjack table to tanzaku so I can actually use some amount of skill in there instead of pure rng.

Blackjack and hookers please, very easy to make.

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Simply an extension to @Itachi Uchiha's idea of making it more skill-based, but would it be possible to make the slot machines slide faster, however giving the user the option of when it should stop (at least for 1-2 of the sliders) rather than relying fully on RNG? I understand that would take the gambling aspect away, but a mission like "Okada's Debt" is nearly impossible to complete. Even if you manage to get a lucky jackpot once, your money has a tendency to decline with these slot machines making it an endless loop, where you never reach 1000 ryo.

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