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I had an idea for a jutsu for the Akatsuki organization. Since it is a missing organization with 10 member limit it is rather difficult for it to fight villages which have superior numbers and also have their own buffed organizations. While the ring is a really strong buff it does not really help solve this out.

Tsukuyomi would be a jutsu that teleports you and your target into the Tsukuyomi realm (currently used by GMs to jail ppl) for 2-3 minutes. This would mean that even if you are outnumbered you have a chance to pick one of your enemies and fight them 1 on 1 there (or 10v10 if all members use it). I think it's a pretty cool concept but the only issue is that I can't really tell how teleporting back from there would work.

Since teleporting where you casted it would just make you die to the people waiting there for you to return I had the idea that you are teleported to the Akatsuki cave but you get some kind of a debuff that's like BI but lasts much longer. The jutsu would also have a really long cooldown or would only be usable once per day.

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Just now, Atrane said:

Cool concept

League of Legends: Top 5 Things to Know About Mordekaiser's Rework - Page 2

Oh no....  *having fed morde flashbacks*

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