Bi-weekly Best Dressed Ninja Contest


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Dear Ninjas,

Let's try doing a best dress contest twice a month. Starting with submissions for first half of November.
Cut off date is the 15th and 30th of each month.
Send a screenshot of your latest outfit and we'll pick the best dressed user.


  1. Reply to this topic with a clear screenshot of your outfit.
  2. No photoshopping, or editing.
  3. Show your username.
  4. Only 1 submission per round.
  5. Send Non-Zoomed client pictures!
  6. If your screenshot is blocked by night/rain/darkness. Send an accompanying screenshot of your Ninja Menu (N) that can be cropped for the winner picture!
  7. You may not use shop window pictures, or edit in any items you do not own.

Judging Criteria:

  1. Fashion/Style (30%)
    How good you look! Good color coordination and nice aesthetics in general.
  2. Identity/Theme (30%)
    You have a clear sense of character and identity.
  3. Originality (40%)
    Mixing up cosmetics in interesting ways and making yourself an overall unique look.

Prize: 10 Ninja Credits to buy items in the cash shop, to the best dressed account for each round's winner.

Send in your screenshots!

Best Dressed Nov2020-1.pngBest Dressed Nov2020-2.pngBest Dressed Dec2020-1.pngBest Dressed Dec2020-2.pngBest Dressed Jan2021-1.pngBest Dressed Jan2021-2.pngBest Dressed Feb2021-1.pngBest Dressed PSD Week 8.pngBest Dressed March2021-1.png
Best Dressed PSD Week 9.pngBest Dressed PSD Week 10.pngBest Dressed PSD Week 11.png


Let's go!

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