Let's do a bi-weekly Best Dress Contest

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Dear Ninjas,

Let's try doing a best dress contest twice a month. Starting with submissions for first half of November.
Cut off date is every 15th and 30th.
Send a screenshot of your latest outfit and we'll pick the best dressed user.


  1. Reply to this topic with a clear screenshot or video of your outfit.
  2. Present it in any way you like.
  3. No photoshopping, or editing.
  4. Show your username.
  5. Only 1 submission per round.
  6. Send Non-Zoomed client pictures!
  7. If your screenshot is blocked by night/rain/darkness. Send an accompanying screenshot of your Ninja Menu (N) that can be cropped for the winner picture!

Prize: 10 Ninja Credits to buy items in the cash shop, to the best dressed account, every 2 weeks.

Send in your screenshots!

Best Dressed Nov2020-1.pngBest Dressed Nov2020-2.png

Best Dressed Dec2020-1.pngBest Dressed Dec2020-2.png

Let's go!

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The White demon of the Mist

Known For Her Insane use of the Mist Hidden Techniques


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