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Nagao Hideki

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Hi All! 

I was wondering whether this could be a bug or not:
After accepting the D-rank mission "Yozo the Bozo" in Tanzaku I grinded about 3 hours in the Casino but cold not hit one jackpot. 
Every time the last slot turned to 7 it immediately switched to leaf, so even when I had 77 on the first two I failed to make bank.
Initially I thought of it as a game mechanic but it became frustrating after a while, especially since I was the only player experiencing the issue. 
I have tried everything: relogging, restarting the game,...  but to no avail. 
Bottom line: Is this a game mechanic I am not aware of or is it a bug which is specific only to me? 
I do not want to come off as salty or anything, I am just being curious if I'm the only one with this issue. 

Any help is appreciated.  

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I think it works like this for some accounts. I got few jackpots on another account without a problem, but i spend few hours on this one and didn't saw a single 7 on last spot. 

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The casinos are a gamble even in online games, sometimes some quests in games are connected with gambling, I remember when in another game, I got the quest to get the special fish from the lake, and I spent 7 hours grinding it when one guy got this fish from the first try, I was frustrated by this fact, thankfully one guy explained to me how to increase chances of getting this type of fish, and it helped me a lot. I think it depends on your luck. Usually, I don't have any issues with miss fortune. I play a lot on reliable online casinos like UFASLOTS, and most times, I win.

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