Mist Clan Wars


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Hello Mist!

As the title suggests, there'll be Clan Wars! As bloody as it sounds, I'm sure that it'll prove to be even more exciting as this is the way of the Bloody Mist!

A Korean style FFA tournament between the five clans and their members, each clan will start with their lowest to highest level member, clans appearing with the most members will be the first to send their members to engage in the combat.


If Clan Yagyu has 5 members, Clan Murasame has 5 members and Clan Sakame has 3 members, then Clan Murasame and Clan Yagyu will send their first members to battle and Clan Sakame will be allowed to win the round by default till the three clans are balanced in terms of quantity.

The event will be held on upcoming Sunday at 2 PM EST near Mist Aviary.


    The prizes are yet to be decided but they will surely satisfy the participants.  

Here are the few Authorities you can contact to either get more information on the event or to join the discords servers of each of the respective clans.

 Mist Leaders

ddhohji-e5c19121-6e84-40bf-a9a8-7913acdf7fed.png.e1cd2df67e98341e7b4f3926e2a821ec.pngMizukage: @Zabuza Momochi
f22f401dfc8210568178ff53f87270fc.jpg.e9d625c70a03c86afea82fe423ebdd5c.jpg Co-Kage: @Leiting                

Mist Clan Leaders

           Hoshi Clan Leader: @SaphV2
                     Kazuki Clan Leader: @ExiledPyro       
Murasame Clan Leader: @Krem 
                   Sakame Clan Leader: @Grimmjow        
                    Yagyu Clan Leader: @The Avatar     





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9 hours ago, Ayaki said:

What about clanless players will they have the option/ability to partake? Cause that’s a lot of villagers that will potentially miss out. 

Yes, I have somethings planned out for clanless people to be able to participate in the event.

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