Confusion caused because of a similar name


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The problem caused by a similar name is huge and one that makes so many players confuse and blame players for things they never did 


we should all try to think more before accusing someone of being this person alt because sometimes the innocent get bully and their reputations get ruin because of it


Some example


my main name is @antar86 and @Primal alt name is anterps so everyone confuses me for primal in nin discord and in-game still to this day


This is just a simple confusion that get's solve quickly


Spam killing

@Slifer a rogue and @Seifer a leafy got a similar name so some rogue mistook him for a leaf alt and start spam killing only to realize they were wrong 


This caused trouble for Slifer for no reason and things he never did and players being toxic to him because of a coincidence



@Angelik Date got an impostor who had the same name but spelled as angelikdate rather than having space in between and starting dm toxic things to @Erox in live stream erox did give an IP ban to that impostor but many of the reaction in discord and live stream were



but this made me so sad because many of us in the community thought angelik did it and I won't be surprised a new player thinking angelik is toxic because of this 

when angelik herself got the msg from that impostor

Erox erased the picture depicting racism from the fake account




At last, I think we should give more thought before blaming someone else because most of the time you are correct but once in a while maybe you are wrong.

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