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Dear Ninja,

We've come down hard on language in the past few months, I want to take a moment to remind you all what our stance is on language and a few things that will get you in trouble along with what we wont be doing anymore.

4. Abusive Behavior
- Do not use use offensive language or slurs (includes race, religion, gender, etc.).
If you are reported by somebody who takes offense, you may be given warning points depending on severity.

This is not to be mistaken with using swear words within a roleplay context. Eg. "Fuck the Leaf, I'm going to kill them all!"

It is not an excuse to say your in-character RP character is a guy who PMs him victims and calls them a little bitch etc. In the same way it is not an excuse to say your in-character RP character is a guy who abuses exploits and uses hacks and 3rd party programs or your in-character RP character is somebody who has the power to automate his training by turning off his mind through bots.

Eg. of an out-of-character insult "bitch nigga fml your mom"
Eg. of an In-character insult "You fight like a bitch"

I don't think anyone takes offence to words as heavy as this community, that being said we will NOT be accepting reports regarding one worded insults unless felt necessary.

One worded insults like "You're a Dog, Pussy, You're Shit, Bitch, ETC..." will be considered low toxicity until they're met with further insults of the same kind or nature.

Insults like "Kys" or insults/threats to irl situations are and will always be punishable by Bans, Perm Bans and IP Bans.

In other games we've all been on both sides and its all fun and banter but you have to remember this is a community and we expect you to follow our GuidelinesTerms of Service and Privacy Policy of which you agreed to upon creating your account.

As always thank you for reporting in general, it does help keep our community working and growing with each wave of new players. We want you to have your own unique experiences playing NinOnline, but we dont want you to do so at the expense of another players experience.

Past reports until now will remain, this stance takes place here and hereafter today, 03/31/2021


Thank you for your time!

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The comments were irrelevant, Locking this thread.

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