Why you should level after 50


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Many players don't level after 50 and just move to the next alt so I want to make a guide to tell some of the benefits of lvl60


Two more Jutsu slots

At level 55 and 60 you get a new Jutsu slot making your 15 Jutsu slots at level 50 to 17 Jutsu slots at LVL 60

some mastery like pure chakra med might not benefit from this but other mastery with lots of Jutsu to choose from really benefits this and can get more of hybrid Jutsu in their kit at the same time



40 extra stats

After level 50 you starting to get lower stats each level


The 40 stats might not seem valuable as you can still beat many levels 60 without it and that's true but those 40 stats are useful and save you in any situation where you might lose. For example: 40 extra stats can add 400 hp you can use or put in intellect to get better Cloak and more dmg on your Jutsu.


Level req on new weapons

There are many good weapons before level 50 for mastery that use it like blue fan and tonfa but recently the meta is moving to higher-level req weapons and weapons with 50 or less than 50 req is not enough.

Some example of these weapons



Tower of Land of Iron

Land of iron got many mobs you can farm as a level 50 which is a nice thing but if you want to get inside and farm other mobs and get their drops you need todo all quest but you can only get these quest at certain levels so by getting level 60 you can get access to mobs inside the tower.


weapons inside tower


Preparation for advanced mastery

Many players think they will get advance when it's come out on level 50 but that's the wrong advance that will need you to be level 61.


if you are thinking of leveling to 61 when advance come that's perfectly fine but many players will come back and try to do the same and doing mission will be hard as more players will be more online

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