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The True List

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Fire/Water: @Spiritual

Fire/Wind: @Tetsuya or @Ninja

Fire/Light: @Chubstah

Fire/Earth: @Zabu

Fire/Wm: @Fire

Fire/INTWM: @Kaigen

Fire/Med: @Agni

Fire/Tai: @Stone


Water/Wind: @Ryujin

Water/Light: @Yin Katara

Water/Earth: @Ichika

Water/Wm: @Giyu

Water/INTWM: @Vinsmoke

Water/Med: @Boo

Water/Tai: @Kuraen MacDom


Wind/Earth: @Dona

Wind/Light: @Vipe

Wind/INTWM: @Maple or @Mubo

Wind/Med: @Memsky

Wind/Tai: @Raitou


Light/Earth: @Yamikami or @Nitche or @Sora

Light/Wm: @Enver

Light/INTWM: @Hasan

Light/Med: @SparkZZ

Light/Tai @Emiya


Earth/Wm: @Hades

Earth/INTWM: @Woo

Earth/Med: @Lethal

Earth/Tai: @Hybrid


WM: @RedRum

Wm/Med: @Black Rain

Wm/Tai @Raitou 2

INTWM/Med: @Shinji

INTWM/Tai: @Zoomy


Tai: @Flicker or @SparkZZZ

Tai/Med: @Sana Minatozaki

GF: @Flicker

GF/Fire: @Lvhan

GF/Water: @Sakashi

GF/Wind @Luhan

GF/Wm: @Blade Dancer

GF/Med: @Sike


Fan: @Lumy

Fan/Wm: @Alev

Fan/Earth: @Sage

Fan/Med: @Lumy

Fan/Fire: @Donatello Johnson


Chakra Medic: @Mana

Bubble: @Quilp 


No Mastery - Sage of Fuuma Paths: @Roei

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