Should you buy gold ninja?


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(Disclaimer: Some players have been saying that gold is useless But I think it's really helpful so I thought of making this post, this doesn't mean that everyone who thinks that's it's not worth is wrong.)


Increase Upload limit





This is one of my favorite feature of gold ninja this allows me to make a lot of guides and forums post without worrying about reaching the upload limit.


Special color and rank given 

Gold ninja gives a different color to your name.







The different color of your chat make what you say stand out



Gold protector


This protector is only given to gold ninja(you will not get this when you buy gold) once in a while.


Access to Hidden forums


Access to the Ninja Hideout forum that has special announcements that are not publicly made available.


Profile Backgrounds and Songs


You can add custom songs and profile backgrounds if you are a gold ninja this is useful if you want to customize your profile or like making the profile of your character.


Extra emotes


I like using emotes as it lets me express myself more and gold lets me use more of them.


Name change


You can change your name once every year if you are a gold ninja.


Ability to create your organization


You can make your organization which holds 20 players this is useful in places like Takumi where friendly fire is on or if you want to lead a group.


Discount on shop items by 10%


You get a discount on everything by 10% useful when you buy items for gold shop a lot.


Special benefits in official nin discord


If you are a gold ninja player in-game you can get the role gold ninja in discord which permits you to restricted content and let you use a command which non-gold ninja can't use.

With Gold


Without Gold





Gold does have many benefits and lets you get access to early features such as the latest client and give support to the developers.

but it still depends on if you want to buy it or not for me it's a good deal but you can always help the devs by buying some other cash shop item or making art or other media for the game and the community.


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