Pardon fee?


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(Disclaimer: This post is not to point fingers at any village or Kage who take pardon fee when a player become Kage they are free to do anything they want)


What is the pardon fee?

Many villages like sand and mist have a pardon fee system. which lets you get your missing acc to be that village again if you pay a certain amount. the amount you pay generally depends on how useful you are to the village or depending on your past actions.


Is Kage allowed to take a fee from players?

Yes, If their shadow council allows it they are free to do anything they want without any restrictions.


Benefits of pardon fee to the village


Village fund

If the pardon fees you pay go to the village and not to make the Kage rich then the pardon fee is a really good way to gather funds to organize events or fund player's expenses such as traps use in raids.


More loyal villagers

Once you pay the pardon fee you are less likely to betray the village or become missing means the village is filled with loyal players.


Why you should not pay the pardon fee?


No Guarantee

There is no guarantee that after you pay the pardon fee they will pardon you or won't exile you after some time.


Changing Kage

If you pay a Kage and his time as Kage ends and a new player becomes the next Kage there is no guarantee that you will not be exiled and asked to pay pardon fees again.


The Pardon fee is going to Kage and not the village

The Pardon fee is a nice way to fund the village and help it grow but if the pardon fee is just used to make the Kage rich I don't think you should pay the pardon fee.

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