Anime-style drawings of YOUR character - Hao's Nin Art Alley

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Good afternoon, Ninja. 
Welcome to the Hao's Nin Art Alley:

Table of Content:

1. Background (sample work, how the pieces look)

2. Information 

3. FAQ

4. Notes & Remarks

1. Background
This is something I started a year-or-two ago, where I'd take your Nin character's frontal screenshot, and produce an anime-style full body picture out of it. 

Here are some of the ones I did in the past:

unknown-21.pngunknown-16.pngunknown-13.png unknown-12.png
















And after doing them for a while, I got better:











Yes, this one requested me to add a whole Susano'o on them.


(Click on any of the above images to view them larger)

From all the above work I did for people, the latter 4-5 look especially fine, because I got better as I went on, and they told me to include certain effects. You can tell me any effects to include for your character art (Chidori, wind effect, sharingan eye, etc.) 


So, how do I make this art? Is there a trick? 
See the above image, I take your character's screenshot, stretch it out large (like you see on the left of the art), and then I simply draw over it. No tricks. 
It's the reason why they all have the same poses. 


2. Information

How to commission: Make a post on this thread, and DM me on Discord at Faust#8545. Include a screenshot of your character. If you have additional items you'd like to add onto your drawing (Chidori, wind effects, sharingan eye, etc.), you can let me know. 
Note: I will take one piece at a time, for as long as commissions are open.

Realtime price: 
$24.50 USD (Subject to change any-time) You only pay after the piece is done.

The art piece you get: a 1,000x1,000~ resolution PNG of your Nin character on the left, with the anime version on the right, and your name at the top. I will also provide, upon request, the PSD file so that you can get a no-background clean render image of your character for your own editing recreation. I will return the art either here on this topic, or directly to you on Discord.


3. FAQ

1.0   Price is subject to change, what do you mean?
This means the price for the commissions can change at any time. The price will not change for an existing person's piece that's already started. If it changes, it'll be between pieces, and it'll be listed in
2. Information

2.1   Can I cancel my commission any time? 
DM me on Discord as soon as you can. You can cancel generally any time unless I'm >60% done the piece. 

2.2   Can I ask for changes to my piece?
When I finish, I will send you the work. You can ask for changes/modifications any time between then and 3 days after.

3.0   How long do the pieces take to be done?
They can take anywhere from a day to a few days.  

3.0   Will you accept payment in methods other than cash?
Not likely, but you can DM me, and we can discuss. 


4. Notes and Remarks

This was done with @Ueda/Rory's full permission from when I first started. 
This is not affiliated with Nin Online, and I'm not part of the development team.
As such, note that I can reject service to anyone for any reason, especially misconduct of any kind.





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Nice work. They look really good and clean. Makes me wanna draw chibi myself hehehe. 
Keep up the nice work.

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