6.6.2021 White Rain vs Black Rain


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Every ninja around most prepare for the fight.

What will be in the next day will influence for good or bad on the shinobi world.

This is a harassing world and we can't avoid the things that comming up we have to straight up and be ready for the challenge that effect on our lives.

Cheers stay hydrated from the White Rain have a good weekend.







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Just now, Ichika said:

Steezo about to have a crazy training arc good luck champ cheers



Nah tbh wm/med aint required any hard traning just to put some fandomentals in.

Thanks for the support tho bro

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Your arc is over Black Rain.

I don't think you deserve to be badass you never holding a grudge and using your hidden ability to spread harass on this person.

You just a ninja with high communication skills that carrie top tier masteries.

I'm not underestimate or ignoring your power but i want to show you what a real power is. 


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