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Ranked Hidden Village Jutsus



So couple of day ago I was re watching the beginning episodes Naruto where he had stole the Shadow Clone Jutsu scroll from the Hokage mansion which had higher up panicking that this academy student went and stole a Jonin tier Jutsu from the village, which lead me to a decent idea that could be implemented into this game.

PS these concept numbers for these jutsu CD, Cast Time, Effects, ETC are just placeholder for right now.

Hidden Mist Village Jutsu

Crimson Hidden Mist Jutsu

The user swipes their blood across their hands creating a contract. The contract then unleashes a thick red mist on the battlefield, gradually and continually absorbing chakra from all wound opponents and making you untargetable for 12 seconds within a 15 tile range, 3 second cast time, and 40 second Cooldown 




Great Drowning Soap Bubble Jutsu

By using the bubble pipe you produces a considerable amount of soap bubbles of various sizes, which are then used to trap multiple opponent's head in one to subsequently drown them for 1.5 seconds within a 8 tile range, 3 second cast time, and 25 second Cooldown


Hidden Sand Village Jutsu

Dust Fan Wind Technique

By using a Fan you generate a gust of wind that layers the surrounding area in a blast of sand. This layer of sand that accumulates in the nearby area makes it difficult for others to see and get a good footing. The Initial blast slow you for 1.5 second and creates a sandstorm within 10 a tile range also decreasing your enemy hit rate chance by 50% while in the sandstorm for 10 seconds with a 5 second run cast time and 60 second Cooldownf0ac14045a90a929e5588a4b20537185a76bdc01_hq.gif.e01f20f8957aa31a4c8f5339122235b2.gif

Puppet Summon Black Salamander

A tanky High HP Summon that reduce incoming damage by 30%


Hidden Leaf Village

Shadow Clone Explosion Jutsu

The user creates a shadow clone, intending for their opponents to attack the clone at close range. After a certain amount of time has passed, the clone detonates, creating a large explosion


Protecting Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms

highly versatile technique which affords both offensive and defensive capabilities whereby she emits a constant stream of chakra from her palms, which are formed into extremely thin, sharp, blades. When used defensively, Hinata creates much larger, stronger, more flexible, arc-shaped chakra blades that spread out across her entire attack range, effectively forming a barricade between herself and her opponents, rebuffing even the largest and smallest of targets.Protecting_Eight_Trigrams_Sixty-Four_Palms.png.6b5d42b1167848ffc08f7a036e467e01.png



So basically my suggestion is once you hit the Chunin and Jonin rank you unlock a village hidden technique that you can use in supporting your village. So my idea is that once you reach the Chunin rank you get choose one of the hidden jutsu listed for your village then once you hit Jonin you unlock the other one basically giving you both jutsu at the Jonin rank.


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