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fk i hate to heard things like that.

Sadly i have no chance to know her better so instead i harassed her as a lowbie and spreaded the harass.

I have no time to spill out my sorrow i will carrie it to spread my hates towards Black Rain.


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I just came back after a year or more.

Never met you before, but it seems like Nin community really loved you, they still do.

Really sad to hear that you're not here even tho I don't know who you are.

"She died doing what she wanted, no matter what, right? I bet she was happy" -Guts

Rest in peace, Melina

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Melina you were a kind and wonderful sister to me with a wickedly wonderful sense of humour.

I will miss you dearly, every passing day I wait to hear a message of your return.

I am sorry we will never get to write our story out the way you planned. I am still waiting for you to return from your holiday so we can write it, maybe I'll start without you. Hope you won't be too mad.

Love you sis, forever and always.

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