Dear Kin the Karma is bish


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You thought im an irrelevant ninja that you can run over and harass him in sf with your communication skills and act in a villainous way to someone that he is a vilain?!

What do you think for yourself bro that i will pass it and let wake up tomorow like it's another day?

I was thinking to myself you know.. I can calm down drinking my tea tomorow morning going to surf as usually,

But the real fun for a villain is to hold a grudge and having the taste of the Karma :P

Rain was on my sight but someone i feel the needed to harass you.







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7 hours ago, Gilgamesh said:


See... u are d riding and accept being out of akat and getting spam killed just to see your leader getting the nin credit.

You literally abandon your feelings and you understand that u are a tool and always was.

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I do not know what is more shocking. A person paying $500 worth of Nin cred to kill someone in a game/take their akatsuki spot or someone trying to rip off them off and get $500 worth of nin cred for 300k ryo.

@Ueda make game mechanics to take spots instead of it being a social thing, honestly.

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