The new update change in login

Akai Shuichi

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What has that @Ueda this is downgrade in my opinion none of the games with a client need login in the browser to play a game. The new long in change in this update for me is a trash.

Another reason why i hate thism, ninbrasil login is compelte bug because of this feature and must time u need login in must time to work and in nin brasil u have some disconection Idk is beacause of this but in global neer i never be disconected for no reason(maybe with trash conection but not because the game wants dc me).


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Sorry, it doesn't really matter what anyone thinks about oAuth logins. This is what we'll be using simply because "OAuth 2.0 is the industry-standard protocol for authorization."

It's more secure, allows players to use 2FA, allows players to use password managers through their web browsers if they want and doesn't require anyone to remember passwords. It also allows us to continue to add Social Media login integrations without any added development costs.

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