[New Player Guide] - Nin Jargon definitions


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Here is a list of all the jargon you may see players mention and their definitions. This will make it easier to understand what they are talking about when you see it as a new player.

  • WW kills = Waging War kills - This refers to a mission where players must get kills in danger zone 
  • DZ = Danger zone
  • SZ = Safe Zone
  • WZ = War Zone
  • GD = Guard duty - This usually refers to the guard duty map of each village. Referenced as "sand GD", "leaf GD", "mist GD" or simply "GD"
  • Lowbie = A low-level player 
  • WM = Weaponmaster
  • B1, B2, B3, B4 = These refer to different danger zone maps. B stands for "bears" so each corresponds to different Bear maps in the DZ
  • BH = Bounty house - This usually refers to the bounty house map north of takumi
  • GF = Gentle fist mastery
  • PB = Puppet brigade - an organisation in sand
  • Toads = Refers to the land of toad map; south arena for spars, and default toad map for trades
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