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On this Sunday, 7th of November of 2021, I experienced a ping higher than 400 during the whole day
(not unstable values oscilating very often, but very stable at a high value)
I've tested "ping" on cmd.exe on many different sites hosted arround the globe and I had the expected values:
(20ms on brazil, 140 on na, 200 on EU, note: 0% packet losses)
I don't use any route optimization software such as exitlag and pingzapper (though I tried them and the best result I had was 390ms on nin)
I've tested my isp on speedtest.net aswell, and it was also as I expected, 9ms, 200mb down/100mb up.
I also tried the steps from nin's troubleshooting, since I already use google dns, I just flushed it.
Other than that, I reseted my route, restabilished the connection some times, got even some improvements on other games,
though, on nin, it remained close to 400ms when it's usually 180.
I'm wondering if the server just had a bad day at the HQ, or is it something that I should expect everyday from now on...

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