Land of Waves Arc [Level 20 Questline]


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Dear Ninja,

As much as we want to focus on making the old players happy with new content, Nin Online has to continue to become a better game for new players as well. A better experience for new players, means more players will stick around and join our community after all.

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Travel to the Land of Waves, on the north border of Ryukyu, where the Koji Corporation is in charge of a construction project to build the Kawasaki Bridge, a bridge that leads to the capital of the Land of Waves, Kawasaki. You've been hired by Koji Co. to help complete the construction project, but trouble is brewing in their operations.


We're starting off 2022 with a new location, the Land of Waves. Following the same format as the Land of Toads and Land of Iron Arc, the new location comes with a level 20-30 story arc. Nin Online's main story missions take place in a chapter format that all start from Mission Assignment Desks in each village. This new location contains 15+ quests, new items, enemies, bosses and more!

Thank you to @Both for helping out with the artwork for the exterior of the train, the mobs and more. <3


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