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This will be a guide for levels 1 to 25. Each section will be focus on a village, their clans, their hidden jutsu and their leveling spots. There will be a general section at the beginning that will focus on information for every village, stats, level up event and more. I was exiled from Sand for making this guide, so make sure to drop a like 🤣


Choosing your village


Each village has their own pros and cons. Their own hidden jutsu, their own passives and their own clans.



The passive for the leaf village is the Will of Fire. In the first 10 seconds after fainting, there is a 5% chance that the player will get back up with 10% of their maximum HP and Chakra. This can trigger multiple times during a fight as it is a percentage chance.

Hidden Technique

Gentle Fist is the hidden technique of the leaf village. This line of techniques are based on Strength and require the Taijutsu Mastery to use. These techniques include Pressure Point Needle Technique, a jutsu that requires 100 chakra to use and buffs the user's punches based on their strength stat. Unlike most techniques, the Pressure Point Needle Technique utilizes two stats, Strength and Agility when calculating damage. Gentle Fist has a variety of techniques that are either ranged or close ranged. If you choose the Leaf village, this would be a mastery you should explore.


The two summons that are only available to Leaf ninja are the Toad summon and the Slug summon. The toad summon is an attacking summon that will often flicker and shoot fireballs. The slug summon instead is a healing summon that can heal allies. All summons use their own independent stats and increase their damage with the level of your summoning jutsu.






Sasayaki Clan House


Muteki Clan House


Suwa Clan House


Ukiyo Clan House


Hayashi Clan House





Unlike the leaf and mist village, sand's passive is based on the Cloak of Invisibility Jutsu. When you create a character in sand, your cloak of invisibility just is already maxed. This means that when you use the cloak of invisibility you are unable to be detected. However this is still dispelled by the jutsu Sensory.

Hidden Technique

When you pick the village hidden in the sand and you select wind as your mastery you will be able to equip the Fan weapon. This weapon is ranged in nature but attacks a lot slower than most melee weapons. On top of this being a weapon you also have access to the several jutsu that can only be used with a fan equipped. These techniques range from Tornadoes, cyclones, knockbacks and homings.


The two summons available for the sand village are the Weasel and the Hawk. Unlike most villages, these two summons are separate in that the Weasel summon is located in the Jutsu Scribe store and the Hawk summon is located in the Aviary of the village. The weasel summon attacks using a wind AoE jutsu while the hawk can stun and apply bleed with wind slash.






Sashiba Clan House


Ketsueki Clan House


Tendo Clan House


Toitsu Clan House


Jakusha Clan House





All mist ninja are able to walk on water without losing chakra. They can also charge their chakra on water and regenerate if they stand still. While this doesn't sound effective in combat, certain maps require the traversal of water to reach, allowing Mist ninja to engage on water while their enemy is out of chakra.

Hidden Technique

The mist village's Hidden Techniques revolve around the pipe weapon. Giving them a wide range of bubble abilities. The pipe is a weapon that places bubbles on the field which will snare enemies in them temporarily. Along with the pipe you can also use bubble techniques that focus on Snares, Knockbacks and more.


The two summons reserved for the mist village is the Panda and the Clam. The Panda has melee attacks with a strong stun while the Clam also has a stun but is a stationary summon. Both are sometimes considered to be the best summons in the game.

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Yagyu Clan House


Murasame Clan House


Hoshi Clan House


Kazuki Clan House


Sakame Clan House




There are 5 stat points in Nin Online that you may utilize while leveling. Strength, Agility, Intellect, Chakra and Fortitude. Stats may increase damage of attacks or the amount of health or chakra you have. Techniques have stat requirements as well as level requirements. Weapons also have stat requirements for you to use them. I'll go over the stats in the game and what they are used for.


Strength is utilized for most weapons and their techniques. This means that Swords, Fans, Pipes, Melee Kunai, Poison Kunai and Throwing Kunai all use Strength to increase their damage. The only exception to this is the leaf hidden technique Gentle Fist. Since many of these techniques are melee based it is often suggested that you add more fortitude than strength as you are going to get hit a lot.


Agility is a lot less versatile than Strength in terms of use, however it ends up being one of the strongest 1v1 mastery paths in the game. Agility affects your movement speed, your punching speed as well as your punch damage. This means not only does your damage raise when you put in your points for Agility, you also increase your attack speed meaning you can hit multiple times a second.


Intellect can be considered the most common stat to be used in the game since there are 5 masteries that entirely rely on it. On top of that, Medical and Weapon masteries also have Intellect sub-paths. There was a weapon that was recently added that requires Intellect to equip which is called the Adamantine Staff.


Chakra is a universal stat required for all techniques. The amount of chakra and the amount of chakra you charge is determined by your Chakra stat. The formula for chakra regeneration is (Chakra Pool*0.5)*0.1 then round that number down. Medical Mastery is the only mastery that utilizes Chakra as a stat for damage as well as healing.


Fortitude is another universal stat however no techniques or attacks use it for damage. This stat simply determines how much damage you can take before dying. Since this is a PVP based game without any form of armor or defense, Fortitude is one of the most important stats in the game. Fortitude will also determine how much you regenerate over time. This formula is a lot more simple in that it uses the amount of fortitude you have as a stat to determine how much you regenerate. If you have 70 fortitude you would have 750 health and you would regenerate 70 HP every 5 seconds out of combat.


There are 8 masteries in the game. 5 elemental and 3 non-elemental. When you achieve level 10 you will be able to pick your first mastery. When you reach level 50 you will be able to select your second mastery. While the masteries are meant to be balanced, there are some that either are strong on their own or are strong in combination of each other. This is a beginner guide to determine how the early levels will be, so this guide won't go too in-depth of what masteries are the strongest for PVP or Raids. That kind of information will be included in a guide later on.


Fire is one of the hardest masteries to use in combat, but it ends up being really effective in farming and leveling up. Because of it's damage over time as well as the amount of area of effect techniques, Fire may be one of the best PvE masteries if you're interested in leveling up fast or farming for drops.


Wind is similar to fire in a sense that a lot of their attacks require aim. However Sand has access to hidden techniques under this skill tree which makes them more adept with the Wind mastery. Some wind techniques cause bleed while others knockback. They also utilize a homing technique at level 25.


Lightning is one of the hardest techniques to learn for several reasons. Your jutsu are staggered in levels in a way that your first jutsu is at level 10 and the second is at 16. This means by level 35 you're a jutsu behind every other mastery. While at the beginning Lightning is one of the hardest PVP masteries, as you master your jutsu you're able to combo majority of your techniques. This is one of the only masteries that allow for this to happen.


Earth is regarded as one of the best masteries in the game for its versatility in being a secondary mastery at level 50. Earth has two techniques that don't require aiming, one of the longest snares in the game and one of the best slows in the game. This is why some prefer Earth as a secondary as it allows them to land some of their stronger jutsu with ease.


Water element is another good secondary mastery in several senses. The technique Water Prison is great for locking down a target for combos and you get another substitution technique. Water also has a lot of area of effect techniques that make it a good mastery for farming and sometimes leveling.


Medical’s main focus is based on support and healing. However it also comes with a lot of offense. Techniques like Poison Senbon, Poison Scalpel and Poison Cloud are all attacks while Treat Wounds, Mystical Palm and Cell Regeneration are support techniques to use on your allies. This mastery is the only mastery that uses chakra for requirements and healing.


Weapon Mastery has two paths that can be utilized. There is a more support approach by using traps through the intellect tree. Then there’s the aggressive approach which is through the strength tree. Weapon Mastery is hard in a sense that a lot of the strongest swords in the game require over 100 stat points into Strength to use. However you are rewarded with the amount of quick combos you can land with their flicker techniques.


The most aggressive play style in the game is rewarded to Taijutsu. Taijutsu has a faster attack speed although it is the closest range. Taijutsu also contains a lot of jutsu that will interrupt opponents while they are casting. With techniques such as Youthful Springtime you can further increase your speed and damage. This mastery relies purely on Agility, unless you are in leaf where Gentle Fist’s damage is mainly using Strength.

Teaming Up

Creating a squad while pulling missions is one of the better ways to get them done faster. Most of the missions you will receive are based on killing a certain number of monsters. If multiple of you share the same mission you will get it done faster. There are also Roleplay missions which require 3 members and a high ranking villager to do.

When killing monsters in a squad you are given 60% of the EXP from their kill, however the trade off is that you only get 60% of the EXP from the monsters you kill as well. This means in theory while you are killing twice as many monsters, you’re only gaining about 20% more exp than you would have been playing solo. When you have 3 people in your squad you get about 47% of the exp. In theory you would get 143% of the EXP in a squad of 3 and so on.


Daily Missions

One of the fastest methods to leveling up is doing missions. At the beginning you'll get a very small amounts of EXP but the missions are also very easy. As the difficulty and danger in mission increases often times does the reward. When you finish the test at the academy you'll be taken to the mission room in your village. At a low level you will get the missions Bad Larva, Take out the Trash or Defeat Spiders. As you get to higher levels the missions will change. You can only do 3 missions a day, and if you have a mission left over from last time when they reset that will count as your first mission for the day.

The higher the rank of mission the more dangerous it is. Some may require you to infiltrate other villages to steal documents or spy on the kage's office. Others might require you to kill other players. With the added risk of dying, some missions might reset if you die. These include Village Entrance Guard Duty, Survey Village Entrance and more.

Roleplay Missions

Roleplay missions are different from Daily Missions and require a certain level to be reached in order to get them. Unlike daily missions RP Missions will need you to find another player to host. These players need to be Chunin rank or higher and you will also need to find other players to join your squad. Each village has different takes on each RP mission, so it's hard to create a guide to them. However the main takeaway is that Roleplaying is also an important aspect of Nin Online. Be sure to stay in character during these RP Missions and follow your teacher's guidance.

Level 20 Story Questline

still in progress


Thank you to @Lumy for reading over the guide to give guidance on edits.


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