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Leaf Utility Vest??



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The same goes for utility pouches. 

Although I can see where they are coming from when they didn’t give Leaf a utility vest. Both Sand and Mist ninja were seen wearing these flak jackets as Genin during the Fourth Shinobi World War or at least once in the Show. As for Leaf, I haven’t really encountered any different variations to the Leaf flak jacket except the ones used in the Second Shinobi World War by people like Dan Kato which was a light green plain vest with no pockets, neck guards or scroll pouches.
If we were to go down the route of every village getting a vest I’d say the best solution would be to recolour the Sand or Mist vest to a light green (like the one we see Dan wear) and make an NPC sell it in either of the Leaf shops or just set up shop in one of the village’s empty houses. 
Adding the Uzumaki symbol to the back of the vest would also be a nice addition but that would probably be too much for a simple flak jacket for non-ranked. 
Anyway, hope this gets implemented. 


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3 minutes ago, Might Guy said:

I would really love this addition it would be amazing but honestly I think someone would have to commission one for them to add it in I don't think they'll design one from scratch.

The jacket doesn’t really need to be re-designed as it’s the same for Sand and Mist, only with different colours (Sand has a brown one, Mist’s is a dark blue or black even).
A simple solution to this would be to just recolour the existing model to a light green and put it up for sale in some shop. Making an NPC for it would require more time and effort so I’d suggest they add it to one of the existing shops or just duplicate an NPC (e.g. the Ninken in the Eyewear shop) and make them sell the vest and the utility pouch.

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