Strange Patcher Behavior During Updates

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There's something wrong with the game's launcher/patcher when and only when there is an update and the client needs to be updated. I have been observing its behavior for a while now, and this is the information I have gathered regarding its behavior in my computer:

When there is a patch, it takes about 15 to 30 minutes to do the whole thing, the longest parts are: "Downloading Package," "Unarchiving Package," "Applying diffs" - these 3 processes are constantly changing between each other within the same loading bar, the loading bar itself is what takes 15-30 minutes to finish, which is odd, my internet speed is quite good and my computer is nothing to write home about, but it should be good enough to do whatever it does to those 4900+ files(I'm guessing it's just checking them) quite fast.

Then there's a bigger problem, which is really what brings me to write this - it is throttling my connection to certain applications, and sometimes outright sucking all of it. So for instance, sometimes my Discord program will lose connection completely during the first stages of the patch, but my internet browser will still have connection, sometimes it's the browser that loses its connection, and sometimes every single thing in my computer loses its internet connection(except the Nin patcher I assume, as it continues doing its thing) - all these things happen randomly throughout the patching process and ONLY during that process, and it can be replicated consistently every time there's a patch, to the point it's obvious that it is the culprit. My internet connection like I said is pretty good, more than good enough that it should be able to download anything a Nin patch has in one second, and should never be throttled and gorged up by the Nin patcher like it does.

My network statistics acording to Speedtest are:
Download: 57.25 Mbps   ./    Upload: 12.02 Mbps
My internet downloads data at a speed of about 5 to 8 MB per second.

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Nin patcher is a third-party software called PatchKit and the patches are delivered by AWS.

Unfortunately, it seems like select users have bad connections to the server it's using, but for the most part most users are fine.
If you can, report it to PatchKit and see if they are able to diagnose why it is happening to you and see if they can help.

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