"Rory doesn't listen to players"


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"Rory doesn't listen to players"

Nin Online has always been a game where I directly involve players in making decisions, taking suggestions and implementing them as much as I can without destroying the game's design. Sometimes players make awesome suggestions, sometimes they don't. But I try my best to respond. I can be in Discord listening to suggestions and have people telling me I'm not listening to players.


So I'm creating this thread as a reference for players who claim that I don't listen to player suggestions because their idea was turned down or not implemented yet.

As a disclaimers, unfortunately a lot of the threads are lost to time due to the forum software having glitched at some point and losing a lot of the posts. So between 2014-2021 there's a lot that are simply topic titles that I had to go by.

I also didn't have the patience to look through specific balance change suggestions that people posted and verify a lot of them, so for the most part, these are feature suggestions, QoL suggestions and balance changes I remember making.

Some of the things suggested have been added but also deprecated like War Events. Some of them are no longer relevant but were added like Tabbing to go between Username and Password boxes in the old login screen.

New Ideas Platform

This is part of the announcement that we're launching a new suggestions section and deprecating the old one.



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