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Hello,so recently while i was playing the game found a new map that never ive ever seen ingame.

Here is picture of it:


Please,can anyone say what is inside that map due to me not finding anything about it at wiki or forums (the only thing i found is that apparantly had req for level but noting beside that)

Yoichi Ryuzaki_2022_06_27_214804Normal.png

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If anyone is confused south from where the char is standing is area that is unascessable due to my char being low level.My goal is to find what is there by the community due to wiki and forums never speaking of that map



2 minutes ago, Elevenswords said:

That map has been a work in progress for years i been around for almost 2 years and havent really seen any dev talk about it. mostly just unused space for future content is my guess.

I see,perhaps i was confused by how when i see it at map there is a name for the said map and even had lv req to ascess it

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