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The Cardinals gained the lead to Mut 23 coins start the third period with a field shot. They broke the game open with the next play, in which Carson Palmer hooked up with Michael Floyd for a 91-yard score. It's the longest passing play in the Madden NFL 23 game this year. The teams didn't accomplish any noteworthy things in the fourth half, and the Cardinals were able to secure a second win.

In This Stream Madden NFL 23 results, Week 11: Live coverage, scoresand highlights and more. Weather adjustments assist Week 11 winners. Players put away Jaguars Lions fumble fake field goal. Read all 76 stories about Browns wide receiver Jordan Cameron: Don't blame Jason Campbell for recent struggles

Cleveland Browns receiver Jordan Cameron says it's more the attention of defensive teams from the opposing side, not issues with the quarterback Jason Campbell that has slowed him down in recent weeks as per the May Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

"I have to speed things up and I must figure out how to make myself open",'' stated Cameron. "I need to try to be involved and be more active. I must get involved and be a part of the team and do my best to support this team. This is what I want to do."

The third-year wide receiver was enjoying an impressive 2013. however his production has started to decrease significantly over the last two weeks, with the new starting quarterback Jason Campbell targeting Cameron just 18 times over the past three games. Cameron, who had 45 catches , 515 yards and six touchdowns during the first seven games of madden 23 coins cheap this season, has just seven catches for just 33 yards the past two games.

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